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The virtual ObGyn office was created to provide women a glimpse at how an ObGyn thinks about pregnancy, women's health and gynecological concerns and serves as a source for women to use when seeking medical information about women's health issues.

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Find the answers to all of your questions about menstruation, menopause, sexually transmitted diseases, infertility and natural beauty. Get the facts on how your body works and enjoy some great tips on the best way to keep you body in tip-top shape.

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  • Getting Pregnant

    Getting Pregnant

    Are you trying to have a baby and need some advice on improving your chances for conception? Check out all of our baby-making tips for the fastest way to get pregnant.

  • Pregnancy


    If you are pregnant and are looking for information on what to expect and about what you can do to ensure a healthy pregnancy, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got all the answers to your pregnancy questions right here.

  • Birth


    Еhe anticipation of giving birth can cause lots of anxiety. Ease your distress by learning all you can about this natural process. The more you know about the upcoming labor the more in control you’ll feel. Also get some great advice on the best ways to manage pain.


GynecologistUnderstand the mysteries of the female body here in our Gyno section. Learn about the importance of getting an annual pap smear and also discover the causes and cures for common female discomforts such as pelvic pain and vaginal infections.