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All over body warm feeling
10 Replies
Missy7911 - February 12

I was wondering if before your period if it normal to experience total warmth in your upper torso, as well as it radiates to all your other extremities ? I also get a warm sensation in my throat or what feels like heartburn in my throat, and is it normal to.experience nausia while getting close to period ? Any feedback is greatly.appreciated


hearty - February 14

When my period is about to come I feel nauseated and later vomit..I also get warmth and feel like i'm going to have a fever.I think your experiences are all normal.But try also to consult it to your doctor,you'll never know it's already something else.


jeanette - February 14

this symptom is like your having a fever.coz when ur having a fever you can also feel that your having a sore throat and headache.i can't associate it with having a menstruation.


Jenkrz - February 16

i can not give my own feedback, because i'm not so sure what is the reality of your feeling. i might give wrong diagnose of your feeling but my advice is to visit right away to a doctor.


farden - February 17

It is normal. I've experienced it also . Don't worry about it.


cherrymie - February 22

Yes, I have experience it too and mine subsides when I already had my period. So I think it's very normal and there's really nothing alarming about it.


jinkiz - February 22

I think there's nothing to worry about your feeling now a days. but as far as I know it is much better to see a physician so whatever is it it can be given an exact medication.


mensheth - February 24

this is a normal feeling of a woman whose menstrual period is coming. This feeling maybe felt also to those who is in the menopausal period. Yes, some woman may experience nausia.


Maertin - February 28

I think it is natural that a woman may experience warm feeling all over the body. Don't panic . Just stay calm.


Oniey - March 1

It is a slight disorder.The problem is of how to handle this kind of women's sickness. Just take a vitamin to support this monthly sickness.


Sally55 - March 2

Me too, feel a warm feeling of my whole body, I observe within me that there's an opposite feeling of the weather; if the weather is hot, I feel coldness and if the weather is cold then I feel hot. But I have not bothered about this.Life must go on.



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