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Annoying smelly discharge
18 Replies
Anya - February 1

I have been experiencing this foul smell from my vagina. This has been going on for maybe 2 years now and there is a constant discharge in my underwear, basically ruining my underwear. I am a massage therapist and even in the treatment room I can smell it. I've been to the gyno explaining to them what this is and they do a pap smear, said they would call me back if anything was wrong and i never heard from them. i actually made an appointment for the gyno next week but if i could have any knowledge on this going in there maybe i can guide the doctor in the right direction this time.


Kali - February 1

Hello Anya,
Your symptoms sound like Bacterial Vaginosis. The best way to explain this condition is to say that the normal "good" bacteria, the lactobacillus have been overcome by other bacteria such as gardnerella species. This condition can be diagnosed by a simple test in the doctor's office. In fact, there are pH kits in many drug stores that can help you make the diagnosis yourself. It often responds quite nicely to oral or vaginal antibiotics.
Hope this helps!


Bryony - February 1

I have the same exact issue as you. I am scheduled to go to the doctor in about two weeks. If you get an accurate answer or results from your doctor before I do, please shoot me the info so that I can find some relief from this as well. I will gladly do the same for you. So far all doctors say my issue is not an STD and is not BV. I don't think they have specifically tested for BV so I'm going to a Dr. that will do more than the more common testing. Please follow up with me and I really wish you the best of luck!


Solange - February 1

I have been experiencing a discharge that has an odor and I have this also happen when I have intercourse as well. Do I need to be concerned with this enough to seek medical attention and what could it be?


Hasina - February 1

I am 26 and a couple days before my menstruation and sometimes after, I have a stinky odor I have been tested for all STD's and infections all were negative. I have tried feminine washes and even douching it go's away on it's own but I was wondering what causes this. Sometimes it's a thin watery discharge which has been tested as well and negative! What is this annoying thing? It's embarrassing even my husband smells it sometimes before I do he tells me before I can smell it!


Verone - February 2

Try to use vinegar as your feminine wash dissolve this to a lukewarm water.


kelly thomas - February 3

I don't experience smelly discharge from my entire life but if ever I'll be experiencing it in the future, I think i have to immediately consult it to a doctor so that i can also be given some medical solution about my problem.


mi amor - February 4

Smelly vaginal discharge is a problem that every woman has to deal with. The main reason why your vagina are discharging smelly odor is because of the bacteria that lives in it and is just one of the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis. Your vagina contains 2 types of bacteria, the bad ones and the good ones which fight off the bad bacteria. And bacterial vaginosis occurs when there are more build up of bad bacteria than the good ones.


jenny_abs - February 4

Just wanna ask Verone if your serious with your suggestion?Isn't it harmful?Is it coming from a doctor or just your own invention?i'm just so curious about it?Have you tried doing this?


nyleveHST - February 4

jenny_abs, I think Verone is serious because i also read that splashing vinegar to the outer part of your vagina is also a remedy of smelly discharge. The vinegar has antibacterial properties that are good for fighting infections.So why don't yoo try this Anya.this is affordable and can be found in your kitchen.try it.


143red - February 4

GUYS, Don't you Know that OVER WASHING OF THE VAGINA might be a possible cause of smelly vagina?Maybe your doing this?You should wash your vagina only twice a day because over washing could destroy the natural flora of the vagina making it susceptible to bacterial or fungal infections..Me, i washed my vagina 3 to four times a day.I thought i was right.So, guys let's correct our wrong way of washing.


IamAngel - February 4

how come over washing can be a cause of smelly vagina?are you joking?we need proper hygiene to avoid foul smell but why are you telling me that washing can be a cause?please explain so that we will know.


143red - February 4

It is clearly explained there: "OVER WASHING" "over washing could destroy the natural flora of the vagina making it susceptible to bacterial or fungal infections."So, meaning if there's bacterial or fungal infection of course there would be a foul smell.


Ronda - April 10

Is vinegar safe for feminine wash veron? Is it really advisable?


Honey - April 10

I would like to conform with Verone, It really works, the vinegar and the lukewarm water, 1tbs. of vinegar and 1ltr of lukewarm water. Try it and tell on this forum the result.


Deborah - April 10

This smelly discharge is not actually annoying, it is made by God for a purpose of protection but if it comes that it annoys then it must be given an extra attention. consult this matter to the doctor.


rose - April 14

A great way to maximize the good bacteria in your body is to consume 4-5 cups of natural plain unsweetened yogurt. You could also inject good bacteria in your vagina by dipping tampon into the yogurt and insert it into your vaginal canal; this will surely get rid of any foul smelling vaginal discharge.



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