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Bleeding for almost a year!
9 Replies
Piper - February 8

I guess I need to state that I do have endometriosis but, in less than 2 months I will have been bleeding for a solid year. With that said I have been on the depot provera for 6 months and prior to that another 3 months of seasonique so 9 months of meds that should make me stop but low and behold I am still bleeding! So now the doc says lupron but I'm scared. Ive heard other women say 2 or 3 months but a year? I am under weight as well is that related ?


Kendra - February 8

Oh dear. That must be awful. I have not had this problem so I can't comment specifically. I have had endometrosis as well. I always had heavy, painful periods but they were pretty regular. I started using pegestrone cream and it's helped a lot. My periods are much shorter, lighter and there little to no pain. It's worth a shot for you.
Also, be sure you are taking an iron supplement. If you're bleeding that much you could be anemic, or at least on your way.


Tori - February 8

My friend had a very similar issue. She also has endometrosis and started the depo shot. She bled constantly for 3 months. She ultimately got a partial hysterectomy, but that was also due to cysts on her ovaries. I think the only thing you can do is keep trying different things. I am not a medical professional.
Have you evaluated your diet? If you're underweight, then you need to take in more calories.

I guess another thing you could consider is getting a second opinion. See another gyno and tell them all you've experienced, maybe they have the answer.


Aleka - February 8

Man, I have endro as well, I have been on seasonique for a little over 6 moths, and I'm nonstop bleeding as well. At most it stops for three of four days then starts again. But I'm just 24/7 spotting.


Solange - February 8

I have been bleeding(well heavy spotting) for 3 months solid not 1 day break,its awfull, my gyno also thinks I could have polyps, going for an endo biopsy next month,I think that could well be the reason you have been bleeding for such a long time, I don't have endo and have never taken bc pills, hope you feel better soon.


brenz - February 9

you have endometriosis, but the problem is your medication does not work for you. It is better to seek another gynocologist.


geraldine - February 12

Yeah I agree, i think you need to look for another doctor and ask for a second seems that you are not being treated by your medications..probably, you need to change that for more better quality than what you have been taking at present.


giorGaynia - February 19

why is it you are prolonging the agony. Consult a physician.


WouChing - February 22

in totality of my finalization your medication has nothing to do with your physical treatment. Take time to visit for another physician who have expert in analyzing this matter.


january lyn - February 24

Yes, Your condition needs an immediate Doctor's attention. You are having an abnormal bleeding and for me it's really a serious matter that needs to be given a proper medication.



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