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cervix cyst
11 Replies
claudia - February 27

i have been into pelvic examination and just found out i have a cyst of a size like a dime in my cervix. i was referred to the gyne to removed it and i am worried about it...


barbara - February 27

is it benign or non-cancerous cyst? my friend has this benign and very small cyst but she never had it removed and the gyne just let her take some medicine to difuse the cyst.


TONI - February 27

but if the gyne would advice you to remove the cyst, then go ahead because it is for your own health.


Arianne - February 28

actually cysts in the cervix is not really a problem but it really sounds that is actually obstructing the cervical and it could impede the menstrual flow and would cause you any future problems.


alberta - February 28

if you have been into your NP and suggested with a gyne to get rid off of the cyst that is pretty much good idea to make sure you'll be out of problem. but don't worry much of it because cervical cyst is a rare problem.


Wendella - February 28

Now a days because of technology, cancer patients don't have to worry. Just relax and stay calm, then think positive if ever it is a cancer then lift- it up to the Lord.


geraldine - February 28

Just don't worry about your situation. Do what is intended for you to do. If you are being referred to a gyne, then it's what best and good for you to do, so do it as soon as possible , so you will be given an immediate treatment of your problem.


jinky - March 12

Always have a positive attitude. In your situation, I think it's best that you need to be strong and always have a determination to fight your illness. The doctor could greatly help..and God too can make miracles. So, don't worry, just pray and have faith in God always!


stella - March 14

Well, for me, I think you need to follow your doctor's advice. Prayer without action is dead. So, do what's intended for you to do and have faith that it's the best solution for your problem.


daphne - March 16

Each cervix cyst appears as a small, white raised bump and there can be more than one. During a pelvic exam a doctor will see a small, smooth and rounded lump or collection of lumps on the surface of the cervix. Sometimes, the cyst is opened to know how serious it is.


bubbles - March 19

Well, the experts really know what they are doing..if they suggested that they need to remove your cysts, then do it.


Earnz - March 24

If there's a cyst, it must be check-up so to know whether it is a cancer or not. She must submit herself a yearly Pap test



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