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Costipation During Periods
20 Replies
mellie - March 12

Hello there! I just want to ask, why do I feel constipated on my period? Is this symptoms of a serious health matter? Please I want some answers!Thanks and God speed..


tonette - March 13

Constipation during period can be caused by a certain diet especially if a woman would not practice a sufficient and healthy diet, like eating more chocolate and cake instead of eating plenty of vegetables and fruits.


mariette - March 13

How about taking more fiber in your food. Be careful of what you eat. have a healthy lifestyle.


lovely mae - March 14

Yes, I think it's also because of what you eat. It's really not that serious I guess, or better yet, just take some medicine that can help you solve your constipation problem.


monique - March 15

Most women experience constipation during their periods and this will resolve after a days of menstruation. It's because all women are different in terms of level of hormones..thus every women experience different kinds of symptoms during their menstrual period and one of that is having to have experience constipation.


Sheila - March 15

I think,it's about what the women eat before or during her period..and this is not a serious matter to be bother about..all she needs to do is to take medicines that could give a better relief of her constipation.


Clare - March 20

My advise about your situation is to go away of foods that may give constipation every time you have a monthly period.


moonwake - March 20

Drink plenty of water. Be aware of foods that may cause constipation. Always have a soup in your dinner time.


samantha faye - March 21

I also experience having constipation during my period. But it does not last long..I think it's because of what I eat that makes my stomach constipated and their is nothing that I need to worry about.


Nympha - March 22

Is your constipation a constant event? If this happen every time you have a monthly period then it is not usual. You may seek an advise from an expert, a doctor who specializes on this matter.


Ernanz - March 25

When you are in your period , double your in take of water. And eat fruits and vegetables.


shiva - March 25

sometimes constipation during menstrual cycle is when there is an increase of gas production and abdominal dissension. somehow, it could also be a result of some women who are into some less healthy diet and are eating more of chocolates and cakes.


joanne - March 25

Just try to be very careful of what you eat. It's I think the reason why you had your constipation problem during periods.


Boyianne - March 31

The hard and dry stool of constipation occurs when the colon absorbs too much water because it's muscle contractions are slow or sluggish, causing the stool to move through the colon too slowly. So you must be careful in eating food which can trigger constipation.


Joseff - March 31

There are reasons for constipation and one of this is a specific diseases and disorders. Some neurological,metabolic, and endocrine disorders, as well as conditions that affect organ systems, can slow down movement of stool.


Diana - April 4

I can't imagined your situation having constipation during your period, it is so hassle because it is difficult or even painful to have bowel movement and generally feel uncomfortable and sluggish. I suggest that you may see a doctor if it prolonged or if you have already a fever.


Katecathy - April 4

It's because your always have constipation then you may not forget to eat the right kind of food which are high in fiber. Fruits and dark, green, leafy vegetables as well as oatmeal are excellent sources of fiber.



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