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Cyst Removed From Breast
11 Replies
hollyme - March 24

Iam a 40 year-old with six children. Last year, I had cyst removed from both my breast, with two taken out from my right.After more than three years , the pain from both excision sites remains. I'm afraid the wounds haven't healed and might become cancerous..


NonieLim - March 24

I think those cyst which have been removed were benign, there's no worry about it becoming cancerous. You only problem is the postoperative pain.


Zachary - March 24

Yes, I agree with NonieLim. I have a friend who had had operation in the uterus told me the same pain as yours. Don't take time to worry because worries may be weaken you.


elyse - March 25

my understanding of a woman underwent from a previous cyst removal has this certain regular checkup from succeeding weeks or months to monitor the condition i don't know what they call it. didn't you went to the same regular checkups right after your operation? i guess you need to visit your doctor again.


ysah - March 25

Yes, I do agree! You need to have a regular check-up to monitor your condition. It's not enough that a cyst was being removed but still a proper health check-up also is do badly needed.


Nardz - March 26

It was not diagnosed as cancerous, so no need to worry. It is just natural to feel pain mostly during rainy season.


Jamese - March 29

You must not worry of the pain you have experienced, it is the result of the excision sites. The cut might not yet healed. But just relax. Because the doctor would surely informed you if is cancerous.


Marycare - March 30

Take it easy. Don't think of horrified idea. Have a positive outlook in life. It would become a hypochondriac, a morbid idea of illness which is just in the mind.


thea - March 30

Well, you need to consult a doctor and try to have it's good to be sure of everything, right?


Erland - March 30

Since your operation is in the breast, it is also possible that the normal hormonal cycle of a woman adds to the pain. The mammary glands are usually swollen or full just before the menstrual period.


cheryl - March 31

You better consulted the doctor about your situation. yeah it's possible that what you are afraid of might happened. So to make sure that everything is alright, is to have a breast examination so that you will know what happen to the wounds of your breast after the 3 years of the operation.


Roxelle - April 1

your cyst has been removed from your breast. then why are you scared? there's no need to be afraid of. if you always like that, then expect that the worst would come out.



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