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Deformed Vagina
11 Replies
HotSpring - February 28

I was sexually abused when I was still a child by an older close relative. Because of such abuse , my outer vagina has been deformed. No one except me knows this thing. Is there a remedy for this? I am one year old after teenager going to maturity.
Who can I go for help about this matter.


fionah jane - February 28

You need to consult everything to a certain gynecologist. It is them who could be of help regarding your situation. Just be open and don't hesitate to pour out your problems to them.


Conception - March 1

there are specialist obgyne who can do an operation of the deformed vagina. there are organizations who would sponsor a case like yours.


vallery - March 1

Deformed vagina can be treated and corrected by certain surgical operation..just consult a reliable and trusted specialist to do it for you but it's actually a bit expensive I think.


maxine - March 1

You know, your case is not ordinary event that it may just close the book if we don't like to read but in your case, it gives damage to your whole personality. And I'm pity for you about your fate. How I wish I could help you personally.


lovely mae - March 12

I think one of the remedy I can suggest for a deformed vagina is having to apply a tighten vaginal cream because it's definitely safe. Well, I have not tried it myself honestly, but, according to others who have been using it, it's really one of the best remedy for your problem.


kelly thomas - March 13

Yes, a tight cream in your vagina can greatly help you with your problem but don't just use any kind of tight cream..if I were you, I will consult a doctor and try to ask what's vaginal tight cream that really fits for you.


Mary Jesse - March 13

You can consult a gynecologist. A thorough examination should be done unto you. You don't have to be scared because those kind of persons are willing to help you. Trust them and they will also make remedy of the vagina deformity.


rhea mae - March 16

I think you need a vaginal operation to help you with your deform vagina. But I think, it also costs a lot of money..but if you have it, it's good to try such operation, so you won't be ashamed of your vagina anymore.


Christy - March 20

If it happened to you due to that bad incident, then, you may see a gynecologist. Have a repair treatment.


cherry rose - March 21

I think there is a certain remedy for a deformed is surgery. It's so painful on your part because the one who's doing that bad thing to you is your close relative..I can't imagine what kind of person he is. Anyways, let's just pray that you will be given proper solution to your problem.


brigitte#55 - March 24

You must be treated accordingly; physically and emotionally. There are people who help those who are abuse so that the culprit can be given an exact punishment and for your physical condition you may seek an advise from the health center or in an health organization.



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