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Double Vagina
7 Replies
Belladonna - February 4

I have recently discovered that I have a longitudinal septum, which basically means I have a fleshy wall down the center of my vagina splitting it into two. I am extremely worried about this as I know it is a rare condition and I have read stories about other women who have this and were later unable to conceive or had difficulty doing so. I know I am too young to be thinking about having children, and I do not plan on having a child until I am happily married, but I am very concerned about this as it also makes sex slightly uncomfortable for me. I am too nervous to phone up a gynecologist or sexual health clinic as I am unsure as to what I would say. If anyone knows what I should be looking to do about this ,as I am extremely worried about the concept of being unable to have children, I would really appreciate some advice.


Trilby - February 4

The one you're having sex with must help you find a clinic or a Gyn to answer your questions and be examined. Sex is a responsible act and you should both act as such. If you feel you're old enough to have sex then you must also behave accordingly and call a Gyn. (I'm neither lecturing you nor having against anything you having sex at 15, it's how reality is. You may get pregnant by it and then it will be even more difficult for you to seek help).


Velvet - February 4

I have a friend with the exact same thing and she had a little girl a few years ago, got pregnant fine but she did have to have a c section rather than a vaginal delivery.


Avalon - February 4

Never self-diagnose... At least give a clinic/gyn an anonymous call.

Sexually active women have to visit the gyn every year, whether they feel fine or not. A PAP test is necessary every 3 years as well. Please, this is serious.

I also used to be like you, but once you get there one time you'll find it easier to go whenever you feel like it. It's all about going to he gyn once, it's nothing to worry about, they are very friendly and understanding. I'm not saying this because I'm playing the "grown up", but because I've been where you are now.


Jade - February 4

Only a doctor is going to be able to tell you what you need to know for your particular situation. It is a good idea to be proactive about this. The more you learn, the better you will be able to determine your best options.


Charitte - February 5

Don't let this thing bothered in your lives. Think it as just simple as it is only "one"!Psychologically if you think as if the weight of the world is in your shoulder then it would become worst.


kelly thomas - February 7

My friend also had the same experience as you have..but she still got pregnant. It's really not the end of your world..just have a proper care from a doctor..and having a child is really not that impossible.


Kliemenz - February 8

this is a rare case. but even though, it can be given a solution. Don't get embarrass of what is your form inside, the focus here is to submit yourself
to the doctors who are expert of this problem.



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