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Having Sex Makes Healthy
19 Replies
Nymshe - April 1

I have heard that it is good to have sex at least 2x a week. Is it true or not?


Generose - April 1

I think it is true but it depends upon the situation. having sex with your lifetime partners is good and proper move and it makes both partners satisfied and emotionally healthy.


Goldy - April 1

Admittedly, having sex can really help in gaining good mood.If it is done in a regular time and in a right situation. Moreover, it can make skin in a nice complexion.


eliha - April 1

sex can somehow also be identified as a good cardio exercise well of course only for couples. i believe there is something about sex that can help our health but of course with moderation.


lalaine - April 2

Very true! as a matter of fact, according to an article that it's also good for your health..especially those who are having a migraines must have sex..because it can also heal migraines also.


Nanie44 - April 3

As far as I know not only migraine that can received good result but also tensions and stress.


LorieBee - April 3

having sex makes healthy to those who are having bad appetite. when doing sex, both the husband and wife are at peace of mind and can also eradicate the bad appetite.


Nenen - April 3

Yap! It is nice to have sexual play. It can nourish your relationship to your husband. And it improves one's ego.


heatherlyn - April 4

I don't know if it's true or not, but me and my husband, we have sex almost everyday! If we miss one, we both feel tired and uneasy to do our usual works..that's why we make it a point to have sex almost everyday we could. So, probably sex really could make us feel healthy..and we can really prove to that!..hehe!


Melor - April 4

I agree with it. But sex must not be abused. It is like a simple medication that may have an overdose. Just do it in a moderate way.


Leah - April 4

This is what we called a a good medication for the marriage people whose feeling have become weaken , this is the way in order to restore the feeling which bind them together. then the relationship would become healthy.


Jackelyn - April 5

yes, it can make the couple rejuvenate their feeling to each other.


Kimberly - April 5

As it has always been said, it is a best form of exercise and a lot of calories are burn while doing it.


Natty - April 5

Having sex as often as you can, for me is healthy cause after doing it you feel relax and can have a good sleep.


tonette - April 5

Yeah, it's really is like a relaxation exercise that makes you feel good on doing and all the stress and hassles from work will be completely be eliminated.


cheska - April 7

I think, it's really depends on the situation. There are some people which are prohibited to have sex because they suffered some kind of health problems that if they had sex, it may worsen their situation and some can also be leading to death.


rhea mae - April 7

Well, yeah, i agree. It depends on what you are feeling at a time you have sex, if you are not feeling well enough, and still you forced yourself to have sex, then sex could not make you healthy, I guess, it can make your condition worst.



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