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irregular period on day 4 bad cramps.HELP???
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noonoes - July 31

Hi . I'm a mum to a beautiful 16 month old little girl. I stopped breastfeeding since she turned 9 months. Last 2 months I've had a very long period 8 days long. I use to have my period 4 - 5 days before I had my daughter. Now this month I've had a very light period. I've had pains (not period cramps) now on day 3 and 4. In the pubic area. I use tampons and I am NOT on any contraceptives. I am also not pregnant. Any ideas why I am having these weird periods and pain that I've never had before?

Thank you


nimfa - August 2

no idea at all. i am thinking maybe because of the tampons? i heard tampons can cause TSS in the long run.


viola - August 9

agree with the tampon thing.i think the unusual pain you got is associated with tampon use.maybe you should see your gyne.


francine - September 7

if period is light, use pads instead of tampons. i am not so sure about the pain, but i also do believe it has something to do with tampon use. be extra careful next time!


amale - September 10

tampons are safe if used correctly. however, studies shows that using it for a very long time can cause serious health problems.


antonella - November 23

Since your period is so irregular, it sometimes long, sometime very light, and you even suffer from cramps, it won't simply caused by tampons, it would be caused by some medical condition, you'd better do some relative tests soon.

And some common gynecological diseases, such as PID, Adenomyosis, Endometriosis, could cause your symptoms. If your situation is confirmed caused by any of these diseases, don't worry, herbal supplement"fuyan pill" could help you. It has shown amazing effects on curing these diseases. And it also has effects on repairing women's reproductive organs.

Hope this could help you.

If you still have any worries, you could consult online doctors, such as Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM Clinic .



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