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irritating yeast infection
19 Replies
jauffer_b - April 3

what will i do with this yeast infection it gets me so irritated now. been suffering for almost a year now and it's killing me.


MITCHIE - April 3

yeast infection is a fungus that is also commonly responsible for vaginitis.


charlotte - April 3

this is actually an irritation in the vagina and in the area of vulva.


korina - April 3

having yeast infection means you are having an overgrowth of fungus that can get to infection.


shareen - April 3

you need to see the doctor to find out surely if you really have a yeast infection.


tineth - April 4

Yes, I do agree. The best person could help you with your yeast infection is the doctors or the, better consult one so that you will be given a proper medication for it.


mikaela - April 4

they said that yeast infection are most likely showing signs similar to sexually transmitted disease.


maureen - April 4

a pelvic examination will be done to you to know if you have any yeast infection.


deissa lugh - April 4

there are so many things that can cause you to have yeast infection like being stressed out and the lack of sleep.


violah - April 4

some poor eating habits also can affect and if you are taking some medicines or any of birth control pills.


rina - April 4

for some reasons, during your period this may take place as you are having some hormonal changes.


devine grace - April 5

I guess, yeast infection can be prevented by proper hygiene and doing healthful habits.


grace - April 7

Yeast infection is really so irritating..but may I know exactly where's your yeast particularly located? It is said that yeast is commonly present in human normal skin and in areas of moisture.


heidi - April 11

you can also have suppositories or some ointments that are inserted in the vagina.


THERESE - April 11

it is better to go visit your ob-gyne, you just need to be sure you have it and that you are given the right medicine.


myra - April 11

but of course never had these treatments when you are pregnant.


deedee - April 11

if you are suffering for a year now, a doctor's advice is much more needed and to avoid worsen the case, never douch and do not use any hygiene products that are scented.



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