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Menopause-a Woman's most Chalenging Phase
12 Replies
Rosalynda - February 26

Will menopause be a time of problems and unhappiness?


Charity66 - February 27

Understanding menopausal changes and what women can do about problems that may occur is the best way to minimize the negative side of menopause.


Bedith - February 27

menopause is a natural biological experience and as a part of a natural process of a growth and development, every woman will experience menopause. Don't worry when it comes to your life.


neckirz - February 27

accept as it is. don't cross the current as if you are powerful to do as your own. based to a natural way, you must not oppose of what is intended to be done. Be happy and live it up!


juckerz - February 27

there are changes that may experience during menopausal period, but not to be threatened such as the following: menstrual changes, hot flushes, genital atrophy, and osteoporosis.


howenz - February 27

every woman must understand the various changes that menopause brings and how such changes will affect her life.


Fellar - February 27

I know that genital atrophy is one discomfort of menopause. the vagina gradually shortens and becomes narrower and less elastic. Its lining undergoes cellular changes and loses its thickness.


Reymae - February 27

menopause has a menstrual changes, these are usually marked by shortening of the menstrual cycle to about 24 days accompanied by occasional bleeding and spotting. Hot flushes-sudden feelings of intense heat usually lasting for two or three minutes and are generally felt on the upper chest and arms, neck, and head- are not likely to occur in the evening but may happen at any time of the day.


alexis - February 27

this menopausal stage, have much changes in the life of a woman if however, unless a woman finds intercourse painful or notices a lack of vaginal lubrication, she will not be aware of these changes.


Melene - February 28

there are discomforts that may accompany menopause, these are: migraine headaches, pains at the back of the neck and in the chest, insomnia, irritability, depression, anxiety, nausea, melancholia, hallucinations and constipation.


Maebeb - February 28

Life after menopause is nothing to dread. The menopause need have no effect

on a woman's femininity; it merely marks the end of her child-bearing years.


whenie - February 28

as it is studied that to some women, menopause receives the blame of what happen to their lives.They would like to remain young, vibrant and wrinkle-free.


Rio - March 1

Medical authorities cite the fact that estrogen loss during menopause makes not a few women prone to several diseases. Among them are heart disease, cancer of the colon, and Alzheimer's disease. The latter is an incurable degenerative disease of the central nervous system, characterized by the relentless progressive loss of mental capabilities(memory, language, reasoning and ability of self-care.)



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