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Period for 2 weeks and more
14 Replies
Rohana - February 8

I've had my period now for 17 days now.

when it first started it was really dark and thick. I read online that it could be because my last period didn't get everything out and it was just what was left in there from last time. I thought it was normal because my last period was much lighter and shorted then my normal ones. the only problem that i have ever had with my periods is that I get lots of cramps that hurt like . my period started on the 24th of January. (what a day right? haha) and it stayed light, thick, and with a dark color for a few days, I'd say about 4 days, then I got my real period and I still have it. I've had almost no cramping at all. and just the other day it was dying down and I thought it would stop, but it started right back up again. so now not only have I had this for 2 weeks I also got it 2 times!

i'm going to call my doctor today, but i just wanted someone to tell me what they think. so i can clear my head a little bit. thanks for any help. it means a lot.


Basia - February 8

It can happen its usual due to a imbalance in hormones. They will probably put you on birth control to help your hormones. Best of Luck!


Gianne - February 8

It could be fibroids or cyst. You could get a pelvic exam, ultrasound, and laproscopy if you must. There are so many things it could be, if birth control is not the root reason its problem something more going on to be investigated. I would see a gynecologist for a pelvic exam- but also change BCP and give it another cycle or so and if nothing changes def get the ultrasound and possible laproscopy at that stage. It's probably just a really strange period this month and hormonal changes but you always never know and gotta be safe.


Veda - February 8

The exact same thing is happening to me right now. I have no clue what's going on. I'm starting to get worried now. I'm taking birth control pills, this probably has something to do with it. I'm not entirely sure though, but I will definitely ask my OBGYNE about this.


Siena - February 8

If you're already on birth control that's the likely reason. It doesn't matter if you've been taking the same one for years either it can still do this. I used to have this happen on every birth control pill I took, sometimes within a month or two and other times after several years and the doctors would then say it no longer suited me and switch to another until we found one I could take for a while before it happened again. I actually have no brands left now that I haven't already tried and ended up with constant bleeding but usually a brand change will sort the problem out.


kelly thomas - February 9

Yes, sometimes women can expect a bit of irregularities in their period. But it's not something that should be taken for granted because sometimes it's cause by serious health problems and diseases. So, my advice is to consult immediately a doctor and have proper medication.


rhianne - February 12

Maybe you have a very big problem because 17 days is too long.Don't just listen to advices of ordinary people.Have some tests particularly PAPSMEAR and consult only to doctors who are expert on this matter.


guia - March 18

my sister is also experiencing that almost same situation. she's having her period twice a month and it's really frustrating for her especially when she's at work and when she's going out with her friends. more so, the experience of cramps in her belly and back part is non-tolerable that's what she always complains of.


jinky - March 19

We women usually have what we call imbalance hormone that causes us to bleed for some long days, but I think it's just a normal thing..and need not to be bothered about.


Lalaine - March 20

How about, you may take vitamins. But , for me to be shore you may need a general check up.


joanne - March 21

You need to consult things thing to a certain specialist or a doctor. Based on what you are telling me, it's actually a sign of a serious matter. You need to have a special health examination for you to be able to know how serious really it is.


Zallie - March 24

It is a long period all ready . It is an alarming case. Don't take this kind, for granted. See a doctor for this case.


Faith - April 1

It is a bit alarming if you have a longer menstrual period. How about you may consult a doctor of your situation, so that you can take an appropriate medication.


AnnaLee - April 3

I'm very much scared when my menstrual period would reached one week much more in your case! Better focus your attention about this matter. It may not simple as what you think.


Aprilmay - April 3

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