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Unusual Feeling
8 Replies
Lielamae - February 16

I can not understand why I feel unusual feeling, I don't have a fever but as if I have a fever. I feel cold even if the weather is hot and there were times that I feel very hot as if I am near an oven. Is this a sign of menopausal? I am 40 years old.


jinky - February 19

I think yes. It's one of the signs of menopause. Better yet, consult a doctor to be able to know what's really behind your unusual feeling.


Dearest Girl - February 19

I agree too. this is the sign of menopausal as you site your own feeling at this forum. but to be sure or for the benefit of the doubt you can consult to the expert about this matter.


kelly thomas - February 20

You're sure to be at you menopausal stage.What you have mention are what my mother also are experiencing during the time she has her menopause. But she's now okey with it or the unusual feeling she had before becomes normal already. You too can get used to it.


tonette - February 22

There are lot of signs a woman could experience during her menopausal stage. Menopausal is known to be "the big change" in a woman's life. Just expect some unusual feeling like what you have mention..I think it's what we call as hot flashes/flushes.


jerrymae - February 22

woman may experience an unusual feeling it is because of the hormonal imbalance, don't panic because if you panic this may cause you another illness. stay calm! it is natural.


joanne - February 24

One of the sign of menopause is having to experience hot this what you're feeling? Then if yes, you are undergoing a menopausal stage.


daphne - February 25

Yes, it's a sign of a menopause. But it will gradually disappear later on. Just don't bother yourself about it because the unusual feeling.. it won't last long.


ysah - February 26

I suggest that you consult a doctor to know of what is really your condition. It's not good that you will just be guessing it, to be a some kind of menopause because of the unusual feeling you are having.



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