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vaginal spasm
21 Replies
amparo - April 11

what is vaginal spasm?


carmen - April 11

vaginismus or vaginal spasm is a spasm that occurs involuntarily and causes a pain called dyspareunia.


girlie - April 11

vaginismus is often times painful and it occurs when there is an anticipated sexual intercourse most likely forced.


leonora - April 12

that's weird i don't know if it's the same but during sexual intercourse, i experienced a lot the feeling of cramps around my legs.


jerah - April 12

you can feel muscle spasms that causes the vagina and the leg muscles to reflexively tighten. i guess that is what you are actually feeling.


leah - April 12

if you feel this kind of sensation, try to avoid putting penis in the vagina or even a finger. it is more good not to stressed out your private part or you'll suffer the pain.


Nona28 - April 12

you know when you have vaginismus if you feel some certain tightness that is strong that you cannot have sexual intercourse.


Omega - April 12

Vaginal spasm may be psychological or physical. The woman with this disorder will experience muscle spasms with pain whatever object that is inserted into her organ.


gladys - April 12

just try to avoid sexual intimacy first so you would not feel the pressure of pain or you'll just end up hurting yourself and your partner won't feel that satisfaction.


catherine - April 12

you may need to go to the doctor for some pelvic exam.


bless - April 12

you may treat that condition usually by counseling.


jackey - April 13

Vaginismus is involuntary spasms of the lower vaginal muscles.

“These spasms make it impossible to put anything in the vagina,” according to to Gila Bruner, director of the Center for Sexual Medicine at the Sheba Medical Center, “including a tampon, a gynecologist’s finger, a partner’s finger, and of course, a penis.” Sometimes the spasm includes not only the vaginal opening, but also the rest of the body: the legs close, and the body does not allow anything to come near the genitalia.


krizzy - April 13

it's important to speak up your mind. tell your partner about the condition you are going through and try to explain it.


arice - April 13

i agree because your partner may think that you don't want to go intimate with him.


china - April 13

it's important to also think about yourself and take care of it because you don't want any further complications to occur.


antoinette - April 13

perhaps i guess vaginal spasm is normal to those women who are pregnant.


jara - April 14

is vaginal spasm same as the swelling of your vagina everytime you had that sexual intercourse?



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