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What is the difference between obstetrics and gynecology?
9 Replies
Zuri - February 1

Obstetrics is the prenatal care and delivery of a baby

Gynecology is the medical care of female reproductive organs

If your one then your the other as well

Hence the OBGYN

I've never met an OB that wasn't a GYN also or a GYN that wasn't an OB as well.


Basia - February 1

Gynecology treats women for different issues with their reproductive systems. From treating young women for yeast infections to treating older women for their uterus dropping (forget the medical terms used for that).

Gynecology includes well checks every year via pap smear, etc.

Obstetrics deals specifically with pregnancy and ensure the healthy progression of pregnancy as well as treating complications associated with pregnancy, and ultimately the delivery of the baby/babies.

Since both areas deal with a woman's reproductive system most practices incorporate both specialties, but some Doctors prefer one area or the other... OR depending on the malpractice insurance requirements of some areas Doctors may shy away from Obstetrics completely.


Danika - February 1

obstetrics is doctors that deal only with pregnant women and gynecology is to due with both pregnant women and women who just need things like pap smears, birth control, mammograms stuff like that. sorry if i wasn't clear but that's the only way I know how to explain it. LOL


Ynes - February 1

Obstetrics deal with the pregnant female while gynecology normally just deals with a women who is not pregnant. OBs are normally certified in both fields with gyno is just certified in that field.


Fabriane - February 1

obstetrics primarily care for pregnant women, whereas gynecology care for everything else with women.
Many doctors do both and are OBGYN's


madz_amor - February 3

Obstetrics and gynecology are related fields of medicine. Both deal with women, both deal with the reproductive system but both do not deal with exactly the same medical issues that a woman may face.


glycil79 - February 3

GYNECOLOGIST will be the one to run the test confirming pregnancy. At that point, you are referred to an OBSTETRICIAN who takes care of pre-natal care, any issues that arise, testing and delivery.


Jonah@cost - February 3

A GYNECOLOGIST is the doctor to go to if:
*you want to practice birth control or you want to get off birth control *gynecologist can also assist you with fertility problems, but will refer you to a fertility specialist if there is one available
*gynecologist also handles tubal ligations and hysterectomies.

An OBSTETRICIAN handles all phases of pregnancy, including the period immediately following the delivery.


Jexine - February 3

The two have differences but both of them are dealing with the needs of the woman.
Thanks! that they are now here in our times. Before woman's sickness can not be easily cured.


brentbush - October 28

Amazing answers...



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