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A Female Problem
17 Replies
Trushe - March 12

Is infertility exclusively a female problem?


heatherlyn - March 12

No, definitely not true. Infertility is not just a female problem. It's for both men and women.


chuichen - March 13

It is not only a female problem, the male also may have this. It is a problem to both male and female. But in different reasons.


jobelyn - March 14

It's a problem for both men and women. That's why it's really good to be good in everything especially in having to practice a healthy lifestyles. It can prevent a man and a woman to have infertility problem.


cathy - March 15

Well, it's not only a female issue because there are lots of male who are also having a hard time dealing with their infertility problem.


monique - March 17

Fertility is problem most common to women..but it's also a problem faced by many men now a days. The problem is that, most men are afraid to come out in the open and would be honest about their having infertility problem that's why this issue of infertility was only known to women for the reason also that women are the ones who will get pregnant and not the men.


jinky - March 18

No, it's also a man's problem! I just read an article that now, at present, it's the men that suffers a lot of infertility issues more than the women.


janice - March 20

base on my own understanding and to the people that surrounds, infertility is not carried alone or cannot be only a woman's problem alone but also to men, they also can and may experience infertility.


sherly - March 20

fertility is not a female problem only but for both male and female. It can be studied if the couple have not able to have a baby for a long period of time then it is the time that they both consult a doctor to have a check-up.


heatherlyn - March 21

There's a certain study that says that it's not the women who suffers more on infertility no a days, but it's more now to men..because many men now a days are engaged in bad lifestyles.


Aloeze - March 23

Infertility is not for woman only it is for both woman and man. It refers to the inability of humans to reproduce. There are several reasons behind this phenomenon.This is due to an unhealthy lifestyle or defective genes.


judith - March 31

Infertility is really not just a female problem..but well, this is a problem famous for the females because females are the ones conceiving and can get pregnant.


Gheriss - April 1

The infertility case is not only for the women it is also for the men. But this case is not to be worried because it can already be cured. It depends upon the situation of the case. Don't lose hope.


JUshua - April 3

It is not intended for women only but it is also to men. The reproductive organ could not function as it is, of its work.


ShiShi - April 4

True monique. Men feel so alarmed and worried about this more than the women. They badly need help but due to shyness and afraid to open it up to someone or a doctor, they'll just keep it to themselves. But I strongly believe this shouldn't be the right thing to do. They must seek help asap.

Just my two cents.


Ciony - April 5

Together with your husband your may visit to a knowledgeable physician.It is not only for women but also to the men.


heatherlyn - April 8

It's a female problem in the sense that most who suffered infertility are women, but I think, now a days men also are having this kind of problems too, that's why, it can't be called exclusively for women only.



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