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complications of being pregnant
23 Replies
martha - February 27

hi ladies! hello to the future moms out there... i will be a future mom too and very excited now. i'm on my trimester and still working but i kind of really getting so much exhausted lately. the thing is i don't want to take my leave as early as my first trimester since it's pretty much boring to just stay at home alone and my husband is busy working. i am so torn now, i'm having so much pregnancy issues like morning sickness and all that. lately, before going to work, i get so much migraine and cramps in my legs and it just went off after 2 or 3 hrs. i don't know what to do.


bea - February 27

are you going for a regular check-ups? i think you need it badly if you are dealing with this problems every morning or everyday.


leah - February 27

i'll have to agree on that and yet you need to consult your gyne so you could have a better understanding with your problem.


marcDee - February 27

it is a natural experienced of a pregnant woman, just stay calm . Take it easily, because if you panic, the not expected event might happened.


Nelse - February 27

there are many complications that can make a woman feel during pregnancy. It all depends upon the immune system that can fight the complications of pregnancy.


quensie - February 27

if you are feeling so much exhausted, then you may have your leave. some pregnant women are very prone to complications during their first trimesters or second indeed.


Irish - February 27

you need to cope up those times that you will feel exhausted since you are not alone anymore you are carrying a new life in your womb.


lady - February 28

it's really common that pregnant woman will feel exhausted and the constant feeling of fatigue.


grace - February 28

remember that when you are pregnant there's always that strain on the entire of your body which can make you feel awfully tired and when you are working, the stress in your job adds up the exhaustion you feel.


YZA - February 28

first trimester? so many hormonal changes occurs on that stage and it is normal you feel all that sickness and stress. but if you are feeling that frequently, maybe you really need to laylow on your job.


LIAN - February 28

the feeling that you are into right now is different from others. it's always best to ask your doctor.


leah - February 28

working may be exhausting while you are carrying more weight and yet sometimes having trouble in sleeping or sickness in the morning, you need to take rest.


Giselle - February 28

are you feeling any like backpain and having hard time to move around, if so don't take any second thoughts, have some rest.


sharon - February 28

when you are still feeling exhausted counting weeks, then seek a doctor's advice.


angel - February 28

it's important that you should take care of your baby or the exhaustion may lead you to anemia or worst depression..


baby_talk - March 1

you should try to sleep early whenever you came after work as much as possible so you can goin back the energy drained.


Dearz - March 1

during pregnancy the functions of our physical bodies have change. There are many complications that may happened. But to be safe you can consult a physician to find out whether it is alarming or not.



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