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the right food.
15 Replies
SHARICE - February 27

does food or the food you eat really matters or plays a big part with being infertility?


cynthia - February 27

i guess so... i have read once that eating too much of fatty foods will certainly play a big part of being fertile.


leanore - February 27

somehow yes. my friend actually eats too much of fast foods and canned goods and yes, the couple is trying to have baby and yet still nothing happens. the doctor advice them to practice the proper diet they should have.


Vivien - February 27

processed foods can play a big part with your fertility and ovulation.


venice - February 27

i think processed foods harm in our body in just so many ways as which we don't usually know and yet the best way to avoid any future problems this might brought us especially when we want to have a baby is it to avoid them.


shine - February 28

it is more important to eat organic food if it's possible enough and if you are targeting to have a baby.


mercy - February 28

it does not only help about fertility and all that but it also helps out the overall wellbeing.


denise - February 28

you should eat foods that are rich in amino acids found in some protein rich foods.


gwen - February 28

they say that foods in vitamin A is good to improve the production of woman's hormones.


melvie - February 28

there are certain foods that will help regulate your period and chances of conception will improve. foods like broccoli, spinach, peas, carrots and sweet potatoes are rich in beta-carotene..


Hindu - February 28

gwen: I didn't know about this. Thanks! :)


vernie - February 28

not only beta-carotene but also those foods that are rich in vitamin C, B those that are rich in iron and magnesium.


carla - February 28

probably, not only women should eat the right food to help out conception but also men should consider to get healthy by choosing the right food also. sperm counts should also be high.


Marscha - March 1

that is right. avoid caffeine, smoking and some other vices that will somehow reduce sperm count and motility.


joyce - March 1

guys would also need to know that too much exercise will also lower the sperm count and should avoid milk that contains estrogen.


Beviem - March 23

Of course! Food is very important and it should be studied, what should the best food to be eaten, most especially to infertility.



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