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any natural birth control methods?
22 Replies
harem - March 27

not having sexual intercourse at all? abstinence as they may say but it's kind of not that a good one to hear especially for married couples. but of course a couple may plan to practice abstinence from sexual activity for some specific time.


ClareFlor - March 29

How about using the Basal Body Temperature. It is a kind of natural family planning method. You have to observe your body temperature. If your temperature is high then do not make a sexual play. If it is low then it is the time to have a sexual contact. But the most important thing is having self control both the husband and wife.


Ginger - April 6

There is a new method, I don't know the name exactly, that uses/check using your white blood. If it sticks to your finger when you touch it, that means you are fertile, but if it won't stick to your finger then you are not fertile. I can't really remember how I correctly said this but if in case there are objections or what not, let me know. Would be very glad to hear comments re this. :)


Darline - April 6

for me I could suggest to take the seven days after and seven days before. you have to control your sexual desire for 14 days. This kind of normal birth control is effective for me.


Kate Kay - April 9

I agree to some ideas. It is not good that you take in a medical treatment without the prescription from the doctor. Self control is the natural birth control.


Mary - April 11

Let me share with you this kind of natural family planning method. LACTATIONAL AMENORRHEA - it is to breastfeed the baby for about 6-months after giving birth, it delays ovulation. This works only if breast feeding is the infant's sole source of food. After 6-months, a woman may try other natural methods.


corrie - April 13

Abstinence is defined as not having any type of intercourse or sex play with a partner. It is the only birth control method that is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted diseases.



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