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best time for partners to have sex
19 Replies
Carrie - February 9

I am married for almost a year already and been wanting to have a baby. But unlucky, still I am not conceiving up to now, should I say not yet blessed with a one. Me and my husband are working for it but still nothing. Maybe we are not doing it a right time? Or is there really a best time for a husband and wife to have sex for a wife to conceive? Please advise.


Marianne - February 9

Carrie dear, if you want to get pregnant, you and your partner need to have sex before you ovulate, that is two to three days prior to ovulation being your most fertile days.


Marianne - February 9

And oh but then you need to know when is your ovulation period.


jinky - February 9

Well, the best time for you and your partner to have sex is when you two are both fertile. You can look for it in a certain fertility chart calendar.


Ursula - February 9

Just have sex anytime during your cycle..for sure, you will get pregnant.


Monique - February 11

Anytime during the cycle? I don't think that is the best time Ursula. You better make a research and find out yourself.


Ashley Jones - February 11

I can only give you a tip then Carrie, for you to get pregnant faster, you and your partner should have sex three times a week. Having a regular sex is the best way to get pregnant. Take it from me.

Good Luck.


Lady M. - February 11

It is true Marianne that sex that is within the time of ovulation will result in pregnancy. And because we do not always ovulate when we think we will, having sex three times in a week will help us to cover our bases and not miss an opportunity to get pregnant or conceive.


Heart - February 11

Sex during cycle is so gross Ursula. Are you sure of that?


Ella Marie - February 11

Hey, I used this ovulation prediction kit or others call it the fertility monitor. This kit helps me a lot in getting pregnant faster. Why not try it yourself. Who knows, this could be of help to you. Please update if this one works for you. Hope to hear from you soon, and hopefully with a positive result.


Applebaum - February 11

Have tried using the ovulation prediction kit myself and I find it easy to use and is generally accurate for predicting ovulation. So I suggest you try it too if in case you have not tried this yet.


Erika G. - February 11

The very best time that you and your husband should have sex is everyday for up to a week before your ovulation date. So you should know when your ovulation period is. Study your body changes as well.


Divina D. - February 11

Don’t wait until the day you ovulate to have sex. Your partner’s sperm will last longer than your egg and you don’t want to miss an opportunity by waiting. So what I mean is, you do sex before your ovulation and not after in order to get pregnant faster.


Carrie - February 11

Oh-oh. I am quite confused now as to when really is the best time, some says within the ovulation period while others says before the ovulation.

But thanks anyways. You all make sense.


Becca - February 11

Its good to see a doctor as and start taking prenatal vitamins prior to trying to conceive. Maybe you are not that in good health that is why you have a hard time conceiving. Just a thought.


Zara - February 11

If you do cigarette smoking, or drinking alcohol, you have to quit right now for you to get pregnant easy cause smoking and drinking alcohol can affect your fertility. The soonest possible time that you will quit the better.


Althea R. - February 11

I agree with Zara. The sooner the better. You should not wait till you get pregnant before you'll quit, just in case. Cause it might affect the baby in your tummy or the unborn child.



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