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Sex During Pregnancy
9 Replies
mitch_symone - February 7

My husband is still into sex even he knows I'm already three months pregnant. Sometimes, I feel like I want to have sex too. But of course I stopped him and told him it's good that we will just wait until I give birth. He is so disappointed..But what could I do, I'm afraid we will harm the baby if we will have!


Curly - February 8

Sex is a wonderful way for partners to remain intimate during pregnancy. It is usually safe. So, don't say no coz i've tried that before and everything is ok.


kimmy pearl - February 8

SEx during pregnancy is safe but if a woman is at high risk for preterm labor, orgasm and intercourse should be avoided until the doctor has told you it is safe. Nipple stimulation should also be avoided in these circumstances.Better you have to do is to ask a doctor some advice before doing it to avoid problems.


GwynethV. - February 8

I think 3 months of pregnancy is not that uncomfortable because your tummy is not that big yet.It is still ok to have sex during that time but when it's already six months and up just tell your partner to sacrifice first anyway, its for the sake of the baby.A little bit sacrifice.


Curly - February 8

Gwyneth, 6months and up is still ok to have sex. Just find a position that makes you comfortable like for example: woman should be on top positions or do the side-lying position. Just be sure that you are comfortable and safe.

mitch_symone, just enjoy intimate moments with your partner and satisfy his needs even up to nine months of pregnancy.i can assure you because i was doing that with my past pregnancies.


aura marie - February 8

having sex while 3months pregnant is not harmful.What makes it harmful is, if the woman or her partner is exposed to, or has confirmation of sexually transmitted disease because this maybe life threatening during pregnancy especially for the baby.


jecerie - February 8

there's nothing to worry having sex even if you are pregnant. It can not harm the baby inside the uterus.


rhea mae - February 9

Sax during pregnancy is really safe especially if you do it with such care. It also strengthens the bond and closeness between partners that even during pregnancy, they still do what they called "expression of love"


geraldine - February 9

Most women don't want to have sex during pregnancy probably because they feel awkward doing it because of their bigger tummy..but it's really okey.


emilymoore682 - March 30

When is having sex during pregnancy risky and when can you just relax and enjoy it? Whether it's finding the safest pregnancy sex positions or what you can expect after having sex during pregnancy. Read about it here:



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