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SEXY even when PREGGY...
18 Replies
erica - April 3

hi, i just want to share these to all the mommies and future mommies out there. when i was single, i am so slender and when i got married, i never thought that getting pregnant can be frustrating since i heard a lot about gaining weight. but when i was pregnant, i had never ever gained any extra weight aside from having a dramatic changes with my feet but nothing beyond that.


Cleopatra - April 3

indeed, yeast infection is very irritating and it can actually affect you in so many ways like having problem with intimacy when you have a partner.


sheila - April 3

lucky enough! :) some doesn't really gain any weight at all and some unlucky gained too much of extra weight, some gained weight and lose after giving birth, it really varies.


Angelique - April 3

i have been gaining 30 pounds now that i am pregnant, it really sucks! :(


peggy - April 3

you are so lucky! i am lucky too i did not gain any too much extra weight but only about 4.2 lbs well it's not that really alarming though.


mariclaire - April 3

during my first and second trimester, i dramatically gained weight and it has been my concern if i don't get this out of my system. when i was in my third or last trimester, it did went off gradually.


geraldine - April 4

You are indeed very lucky that you were able to maintain your sexiness even you are already been pregnant. Congratulations! It happens not to many and you are very luck to be part of the chosen few.


JUNIPER - April 4

my baby's too big as what my doctor told me and CS is advised for me since i am petite so i may not handle the pain of giving birth. although i don't have any medical conditions, i still think i wanted to have the normal delivery, i guess...


rozelle - April 4

i never had gained any weight i am in my 29 weeks and i don't think it's a bit normal to not gain weight.


brienne - April 4

the doctor told me before that when i gained too much weight, moderation is needed. i've been dieting now because i don't want to have any complications by the time i gave birth. i have been very much fond of eating too much coz i thought it's ok since i am pregnant and i need all the nutritions but then again, it is also not appropriate to food binging.


gorgia - April 4

are you not gaining any weight? but are you eating enough? if you are, then that is really your body frame.


elijah - April 4

before when i was pregnant, i never gained any weight too. that is why i tried to use weight gain calculator for pregnancy to know if there's something wrong with me not gaining weight at all...


shiva - April 4

there are also so many ways to treat your yeast infection... there are creams and tablets you may take but of course with prescription.


bubbles - April 5

Being sexy and pregnant at the same time is really a challenge and many women would want to be sexy and pregnant if only it's easy to have it both.


EllaMae - April 6

Really good for you! :) Know what, I think it is in the genes, I guess?


Alexis - April 9

For me, it is also a hereditary case. if your mother is fat then as time goes by you may like your mother too. but sexiness is not only for slim. You can be called sexy even if you are fat.


leslie - April 9

good for you erica! I wish that when I get pregnant I'll be as sexy as you. :) Im afraid to gain weight like what happened to my sister when she got pregnant, she looks big.



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