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Water-based Lubricant Safe to use During Pregnancy
10 Replies
ladygain - February 20

A pleasant day everyone!

I'm very much pregnant and still me and my partner still into sex. There are times that my vagina become so dry that we used water-based lubricant during sex. Is this safe for me to used?


melody - February 20

Well, that's nothing to be alarmed because water based lubricant is really safe to use even during pregnancy. But you know what? you don't actually be needing it because during pregnancy the extra vaginal discharge keeps you pretty moist.


daphne - February 20

Your cervix is plugged with mucus during pregnancy so there's no danger of the lubricant getting up to the baby.


tonette - February 20

It's very much safe to use water-based lubricant during pregnancy because it's really all if you been using this already, better not stop because it's definitely safe!


melody - February 21

My partner and I have been using water-based lubricant during sex, especially if my vagina becomes dry after menstruation and it's very much safe..and it's also very safe during pregnancy.


Lorry KC. - April 10

My friend did the same when she was pregnant and she told me that it was helpful. It did not cause her anything negative. And the baby, he's normal and healthy.


devine grace - April 10

If it's really water based, then it is really sure that it's safe to use!


nevic - April 10

It's very much safe to use..I ask my doctor too upon using it and she told me it's okey.


Dorothy - April 10

If you don't mind, I would like to ask you a question, is there a time that you don't like to have sex with your husband? If your answer of the question is "yes" then that's the reason that your vagina was dry,no lubrication. Why not make a sexual play during your time of lubrication.


victoria - April 14

Make sure that you discuss the feelings that you have about sex and sexuality. These discussions can lead to a more fulfilling sex life. If either of you do not feel like having sex, this can be particularly important. Explain to your partner what is going on and what they can do to help you be sexual. For example: more cuddling, relaxing baths, romantic dinners, massages, mutual masturbation, whatever you and your partner agree upon is exactly what you need.


Lison81 - November 21

Try coconut oil - it's much better and safer than the lubes based on water. Or try lubes based on silicone... They are safer than water, too. For example, when I was pregnant, I used "Ultra" from Edenfantasys and had no problems whatsoever.



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