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Conservative TCM treatment is the right way for chlamydia
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antonella - December 3

Chlamydia positive actually put much harms on women. When one infected with it, not only the urethra can be infected but also the entire urinary and reproductive organs are involved in.

Recently, My friend lisa happen to find her abnormal vaginal discharge and unwell of abdominal and genital tract. She then went to have a check. The result turned out to be chlamydia. She felt anxiety and followed the doctor’s recommendation of antibiotics therapy. unfortunately, with a time of treatment, her condition has no changes. ??
Desperately, with the attitude of trying, my friend lisa decided to take the conservative TCM treatment. She made a call to the Chinese doctor Li Xiaoping. Dr. Lee asked a lot of questions and details about the disease. With the careful understanding of her conditions, Dr. Lee suggested her to take a course of fuyan pill first. In addition, Dr Lee also told her to follow some eating taboos, such as to stop eating the soybean oil and avoid the sex life during the medication. These taboos can not only aggravate the condition but also impact the effect of the pills.

According to Dr. Lee, Ms. Tan decided to try a course of Fuyan pill. She gave up using the soybean oil at home, and switching to some the oil that not violates the taboo. Besides, during the medication, she started to abstinence. What’s more, in normal everyday life, she also pay more attention to the healthy diet and personal hygiene, and do moderate exercise every day to enhance the body immunity.

After taking a month of fuyan pill, Lisa became obviously impatient. She still felt discomfort and called to Dr. Lee. After hearing the case, Dr. Lee told her seriously that TCM treatment was surely to be longer than the western medicine and it also can be affected by certain factors. so a significant improvement just one month of treatment was impossible, but this didn’t mean that Fuyan pill for the treatment of female chlamydia positive was useless. With the peace mood, she should continue to take it for the completely courses.

After heard that,Lisa decided to adhere to a month. After a month, Lisa went to the hospital to have a reexamine again. Unexpected, the Chlamydia became negative. Again she felt so existing and thankful for Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM Clinic and fuyan pills.

And Lisa told me the doctors from Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM Clinic are very professional. So she want to share her story with you, hope these who are suffering from chlamydia could also be cured by this pill.



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