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Afraid of Sex
10 Replies
stella - February 20

I'm 22 years old and a recent college graduate. My boyfriend asked me to have sex with him. It was a very traumatic experience for me; and it's hard for me to tell you. As of now, I still refuse to see him.Is anything wrong with me? I now afraid of sex.. even to any guy I would meet in the future.


Kishanta - February 21

Nothing is wrong with you. In fact you are doing the right thing. Refrain from having sex with your boyfriend. Wait until you two get married. To avoid unwanted pregnancy.


Jam - February 21

Any guy in the future? You have not been to future yet right? So don't say that you are afraid to have sex to a guy in the future.

When you get married you need to involve in a sexual activities for you and your husband to have a child.


tonette - February 21

Though i don't know what's really going on between you and your boyfriend during sex, but I guess it was really a traumatic experience that's why you don't want to have sex with other guy anymore. But don't just put a closure yet..who knows, you will going to change your mind in the future.


fionah jane - February 22

Your traumatic sex experience can be forgotten I guess, if you undergo some counseling..just be open with your experience..share it to your close friends and family will soothes everything bad feeling you are feeling inside.


mocca baby - February 22

That's right! don't just immediately close your doors in having sex with any guy in the future because on just one bad experience. Who knows, the one that you will be experiencing in the future may be the opposite of it.


mickeye - February 22

your experience made your decision not to have sex anymore. you've said it was a very traumatic experience,...with this experience you close yourselves ...not to have may seek an advice from a psychologist...then to an ob-gyne....those persons who can be trusted!!!


vivian - February 24

In your age, it's just good that you still focus yourself on some advantageous things rather than sex. So, it's really good that you avoided it as of now because you are still very young.


tonette - February 27

Just cross the bridge when you get there..don't immediately say that you are afraid of having sex with another guy in the future. Mind you, you can never tell what's going to happen if you grow mature enough.


Lolett - February 27

You made the right decision, you are still studying and if you indulge sexual relationship you might get pregnant then you can not finish your studies.


vertha - February 28

your feeling is a natural feeling you'd been with your boyfriend only you and your boyfriend had done the move of which your trauma has begun, we don't know what was the cause of it, but anyway I honor your decision. Just focus your attention in your studies at this time.



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