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For a woman, there is no comparable experience to giving birth. Having a baby is a wondrous thing; an event that tops all other events in a woman's life. But in order for you to experience the miracle of bringing life into the world, you need to lose that bit of fear, that edge you feel that tends to detract from your confidence about this event that looms in your near future.

Simple Terms about Giving Birth

Start by learning about the process. Once you discover you are pregnant, you may find there are gaps in your knowledge about the mechanics of delivering a baby. Half the battle of giving birth is in knowing the various stages of the birthing process and in being prepared for each step as it occurs. What is involved in giving birth? We describe the process for you in simple terms you can understand.

Since you found out you conceived, you've discovered you have dozens of questions but you're not sure which of your questions are intelligent. You may feel embarrassed to speak to your doctor about your concerns or perhaps you feel funny about forcing him to take the time to answer your questions about things you feel you should know by now. But here on there is no such thing as a silly or embarrassing question. That's why we developed the section called, "Ask A Midwife," in which we cover all those questions you've been too afraid to ask plus some more you may never have even thought about.

Successful Labor and Delivery

If you've become pregnant through IVF or used fertility medications to help you conceive, you have a greater chance of delivering more than one baby at the end of your pregnancy. This is happening with ever greater frequency. Though multiple births are considered a complication of pregnancy, there is no reason you can't have a safe pregnancy and deliver healthy babies. Here we tell you what to expect and how you can ensure a successful delivery.

Every pregnancy brings with it the risk of an unplanned cesarean delivery. In some cases, your doctor will decide in advance that you must undergo an elective cesarean. This is not the news you've been hoping for, but once you come to grips with the idea that this is the plan, you'll want to know where you can seek information on the subject.

We give you a thorough overview on the topic of cesarean section so you can be well-prepared to make the decisions you'll need to make and weather the experience as best you can. With a bit of preparation, you may even find that the experience is not as bad as you thought it would be.

Now that you've gotten through pregnancy and delivery, you'll need to concentrate on honing your parenting skills. For this reason, we devote quite a bit of space to getting your parenting muscles in shape. Learn what you need to know about newborn care and further on down the line. During those middle-of-the-night thoughts in which you wondered why you ever thought it would be a good idea to have a baby, come take a look at this section for moral support and practical advice. You're doing just fine.


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