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birth defects
21 Replies
ella2009 - April 13

what are the risks, causes or reason why a mother would give birth to her baby with birth defects?


janice - April 13

there are so many reasons why baby would have birth defects and i think one of which is when the mother is smoking.


felicity - April 13

i am not sure but i just wonder, my sister doesn't have any vices, she takes care of herself and she's very careful but still she gave birth with defects.


huey - April 13

birth defects normally are those functional or structural abnormalities that is present at bith.


aida - April 14

some has this kind of condition due to genetic problems like if some part of the gene is missing.


jona - April 14

the doctor once told me abou chromosomes problems like having some extra chromosome or missing at times.


natasha - April 14

Genetics play a role in some birth defects. Every cell in the body has chromosomes containing genes that go a long way in determining a person's unique characteristics. One missing or faulty gene can cause a birth defect; this is significant when you consider that we each have about 25,000 genes per cell determining everything from the length of our toes to the color of our eyes.


rhea - April 14

Usually smoking, drinking and using drugs are some reasons why there are babies born with birth defects.


hugz_30 - April 14

if a pregnant woman is exposed to the environmental virus like rubella or german measles.


katie - April 14

if you are pregnant and if you drink alcoholic beverages or into drugs, then expect the consequence.


Carlos_Mose - April 14

keep in mind that whatever you do that is bad or good, will surely reflect on your baby's health.


Wilmarie - April 14

very watchful with what you eat and how you carry yourself.


xyza - April 14

a mother should worry more about her baby's health all the time.


bianca - April 14

i suggest to have that prenatal screening to know that your baby may born with defect.


riza - April 14

do you know that birth defects are treatable? yes, it is and often times done immediately after giving birth.


latesha - April 14

actually not only right after you give birth, it is also possible treatment can be done before the baby is born.


emily - April 14

well, birth defects can be caused by environmental, genetic or environmental factors.



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