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Going to the gynecologist is probably not your most favorite activity. Most of us have a natural reticence when it comes to displaying our nether regions or having them touched in an impersonal situation. But go to the gynecologist we must. Our health depends in part upon these visits to the "gyn."

Make the most of your appointment by becoming an informed medical consumer. What should you expect to happen during your examination? On which health issues does a gynecologist focus? Is there anything you can do to make the appointment easier or more comfortable? Are there things you should refrain from doing in advance of your visit to the gynecologist? We attempt to give you a working knowledge of what you can expect. We also help you understand what questions you may want to ask your physician during your appointment.

Making Decisions

We have an extensive section on the topic of female anatomy where you can fill in the gaps of what you know about the female body. Part of making the right decisions about your health is learning as much as you can about your own body and its workings. Your reproductive system is a kind of marvelous and complicated machine that deserves a better understanding and recognition for what it can accomplish. There is nothing that can empower a woman more than knowing the workings of her own body. We give you a good working knowledge of your reproductive organs and the work that they do.

One of the most important aspects of your gynecological health is found in the simple test known as the Pap Smear. In every country that has adopted this screening test, the mortality rates due to cervical cancer have gone down. In this section, we tell you all about the Pap Smear: how it's done, how it helps to preserve your health, and what you need to know about scheduling these tests according to the latest recommendations.

Preventative Measures

Last but not least, we talk about the various infections that can beset a woman during her reproductive years. From yeast infections to bacterial vaginosis, we have all the information you need to take care of your gynecological health, right here in this section. We teach you how to spot the signs and symptoms of these gynecological ailments, and what to do about them. We even teach you as best we can how to take preventative measures against such infections.

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