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Becoming pregnant is a lot like embarking on a journey filled with promise and excitement. Even if you're a practical person, it's hard to ignore the wonder of new life growing just beneath your very own skin. You want to know everything you can about this new experience and what you can do to ensure tiptop health for both you and your baby.

Gathering Pregnancy Information

Start by gathering as much information as possible about pregnancy. What happens to your body when you become pregnant? How does your lifestyle affect your unborn child? What should you be doing right now to make sure your baby has the best possible start in life? How does your baby get the nutrients he needs to grow healthy, big, and strong? These are just some of the topics we discuss in this section.

Next you can discover just what is happening inside of you. You can learn about your baby's week by week development and how your body changes at each point in your pregnancy. Knowing just what is happening inside your body is like peeking at a miracle unfolding. Want to know when your baby will develop fingernails? Want to know how big your tummy should be right now? This is the section where you can gain understanding about the minutest details of embryonic and maternal development.

Preventing Pregnancy Tragedy

Become aware, too, of the various complications that can occur during pregnancy. Learning about the warning signs of different complications that can accompany a pregnancy can help you get care in time to prevent a tragedy. Knowing what to expect can help you to make the decisions about your care that are right for you.

Getting the facts can also assist you in knowing when to seek help. It may be you only need to make an appointment to discuss your symptoms with your physician, but in other cases, a woman may need urgent care. Knowing when and how to act can be crucial to ensuring a successful pregnancy outcome.

Last but not least, we make an attempt to answer any and all questions you may have about pregnancy. You may be too embarrassed to ask your doctor some of the questions to which you most want the answers. Perhaps you fear taking up your physician's time with questions that you fear may sound silly. But here in this section, there is no such thing as an embarrassing question.

The only object of the information we provide here is to remove the veil that surrounds pregnancy: the veil that is the fear of the unknown. The more you know, the better and more confident you'll feel. This is the key to a happy, healthy mom-to-be who is free to just enjoy this special time in her life!

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