Pregnancy Guide

Thinking about having a baby? Family planning is a fun and an exciting time for couples and it is the first step in your journey towards parenthood. But family planning is not only about getting pregnant. There's a lot to learn as well.  You'll want to educate yourself about the changes your body goes through during pregnancy, about the gestation period, about how to take care of your body and your fetus during pregnancy, and most of all, how to prepare yourself for the labor when the big day comes.

Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy

A woman's body goes through several changes from the time of conception to the time of the labor. The ending of the periods, tenderness of the breasts, nausea, and fatigue are all early symptoms of pregnancy. Read everything you need to know about the first signs and symptoms of pregnancy right here and know how to understand the messages your body is giving you. Also learn more about the ultrasound, urine and blood tests that doctors use to diagnose pregnancy in today's modern practices.

Pre-Conception and Pregnancy Health

In addition, read our week by week articles and learn all about the gestation period and know when and how your baby will develop in your stomach. As you familiarize yourself with the gestation calendar, also take a look at our pre-natal care section. Learn why it is necessary to keep in good health before you get pregnant and consult your physician regularly.  Also get information on foods that boast fertility, how to produce healthy sperm prior to conception, and whether it is safe to exercise during pregnancy.

If you want to increase your chances of getting pregnant then read our section about female hormone cycles. Learn how to maintain your hormone levels and not negetively alter them through unhealthy lifestyles, extreme exercise and drugs.

Pregnancy Complications and Avoiding Pregnancy

Also find out about some of the pregnancy complications to watch out for like bleeding in pregnancy, premature rupture, gestational diabetes and preclampsia.

For women who do not wish to conceive, read our page about birth control pills .

For more information on getting pregnant check out our pregnancy videos.

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