Pregnancy Care

Are you pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant? Well, you have visited the right website to get the information you need to have a healthy and smooth pregnancy. If you have questions about pregnancy, like knowing whether or not it’s safe to travel during pregnancy or if you should be exercising during pregnancy, you are exactly where you should be.

Our Pregnancy Information articles will provide you with a wealth of knowledge on common concerns pregnant women have during pregnancy and much more.

Lifestyle, Medical Care And Pregnancy

So, if you’re either wondering about the risks associated with smoking during pregnancy, or how trauma in pregnancy affects your unborn baby, or even how to select the right obstetrician, you’re on the right page!

Browse through our informative articles and learn how smoking affects your baby or how prenatal care has improved from 1981 to the last decade.

Visit our other enlightening articles and get the scoop to keep you informed during pregnancy. Discover which drugs affect pregnancy and your fetus. See how the FDA classifies drugs to warn you how safe it is to take certain medications during you're pregnancy.

Pregnancy Complications

Learn about some of the conditions that may develop in pregnant women such as gestational diabetes. This type of diabetes is very common during pregnancy but can also complicate pregnancy. So, ask your doctor how you can adjust your diet to reduce the complications that can arise due to developing diabetes during your pregnancy.

If you're pregnant with pre-existing conditions or planning to get pregnant but have a history of either depression, stomach problems and IBD, or epilepsy, visit our articles on these topics to see how your pregnancy will affect your pre-existing conditions.

Getting Pregnant And Announcing Pregnancy

If you're having a hard time figuring out if you should get pregnant, check out our Ten Tips For Pregnancy article for sound advice on getting pregnant. And if you've just found out some good news, you will want to tell everyone. Check out our ideas for cute, fun pregnancy announcements.


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