Pregnancy Questions

If you’re pregnant, or thinking of getting pregnant, the excitement of the situation may eventually be replaced with a wave of questions. You’re mind may start spinning, your palms may begin to sweat, and, on this day of panic, you’re doctor’s office is closed.  What do you do?  Who can you turn to for answers to your many questions so that you can put your mind to rest?

The Many Pregnancy Questions

Well, don’t worry! You have landed on the right page. Our Pregnancy Questions section answers a number of common and less common questions about pregnancy like what do you do if you have asthma during pregnancy and when should you stop having sex during pregnancy? We’re sure we got all the answers you need for your pregnancy questions.

Find The Answers To Your Pregnancy Questions

Whether you're looking for the answer to why you may be experiencing back pain or pubic bone pain during your pregnancy or if you're wondering how to get rid of acne during pregnancy, check out our informative articles in our Pregnancy Questions section.

In this section, also discover the most frequently asked questions and some of the less frequently asked questions about whether it's safe to: get a pap smear during pregnancy, sleep on your left side during pregnancy, or eat parsley during your pregnancy. Also find out the answers to some weird questions, like whether your blood type can change during pregnancy.  Give your racing mind a rest by reading our simple and detailed answers.

Prenatal Screening

Also visit our Good Screens Make Bad Tests article for answers about screening tests available to check on your baby's development and position (i.e. whether your baby is in the normal or breech position).

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