The Most Frequently Asked Questions in Pregnancy

Many who have had the fun and wonder of using a computer on the Internet or on one the national on-line services like Compuserve have come across an acronym, "FAQ." This stands for "Frequently Asked Questions," and it is usually the first stopping place for anyone just jumping onto a service or electronic forum. FAQ is designed to get the customer through the first wave of most-asked questions so that he or she can quickly move on to the more important quests for information. So welcome to the Pregnancy Forum. Here are four of the FAQ of Pregnancy:

What's the baby's due date?

The due date is usually computed from the first day of the last regular period. In the calendar, this can be figured by taking that date, subtracting three months, and adding seven days. For example, a last period that began on 11-15- 94 will yield a due date of 8-22-95. Of course, the most accurate way of determining the due date is based on actual conception. If there is a delay in ovulation for some reason, then basing the due date on the last period may lead to an expected date that is erroneously early. But that's what they make ultrasound for.

Pregnancy Medications: Will it hurt the baby?

Often we obstetricians are called upon to prescribe medications for congestion, infections, or other coincidental conditions during pregnancy. Although a patient has every right to know what she's being prescribed and why, it is expected that a specialist will know the medications that are dangerous and risky to an unborn baby. In fact, we're the ones the other specialists call to check the safety of a medicine that they themselves want to use.

Will I need a C-section?

This is a question that usually can't be answered until the successful or unsuccessful trial of labor. Obstetrics is usually easy at that point: the baby's either going to deliver naturally or not. If there's a size problem or fetal distress, the need for a C-section will become obvious. If no complications arise and the labor goes smoothly, the baby too should go smoothly right out into this world.

What's this pregnancy pain? Is it dangerous?

Most of the famous pains of pregnancy are quite harmless. Round ligament pain, the most frequent complaint, strikes in mid pregnancy. It is the result of the stretching of ligaments that normally support the position of a pear-sized uterus (womb). With enlarging, pain can radiate all the way from where the ligaments begin on the uterus to where they insert, that is, from the uterus, along the inguinal area, and even to the side walls of the vagina and inner thighs. The uterosacral ligaments do the same thing toward the tailbone. These pains can be severe enough to stop a women in mid-stride but are completely harmless. So now you've seen the four most popular questions asked in pregnancy. My list of FAQ is actually much longer.

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