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burning sensation
21 Replies
jillian - April 11

does anyone here ever experienced a burning sensation of the vagina? this is my problem and the problem get worst for some reason if i wear tight undies.


jera - April 11

it is actually called paresthesia, correct me if i am wrong. if you are feeling the certain tingling, burning or creeping sensation in your private part.


candy - April 12

ever asked your OB about it? for me, it's important to get proper consultation right away.


tatiana - April 12

is it pure burning sensation only? some experience it together with pain.


Leah - April 12

You might probably have some yeast infection. A lot of probable reasons may have cause such sensation actually. And you can't tell what that is without seeing an expert. So visit your health care the soonest possible time.


Rhean - April 12

Oh all I know is that antihistamine prevents fertility cause it dries up all the fluids in your body and thus prevent the sperm from travelling.


Linda - April 12

That vaginal burning sensation possible occurs because you are a diabetic person, high levels of sugar. Does this disease runs in your family tree?


Lucila - April 12

Ohh that is so bothersome. Isn't that a vaginitis?


Jackie - April 12

You probably get allergic with the things that you are using like vaginal soap or feminine wash. Try switching to other brands though.


Miranda - April 12

Worst possible situation for vaginal burning sensation is that you got a sexually transmitted disease. So if you'll ask me, you better see your health care provider now to know what that really is and so that proper medical treatment will be applied.


Lucy Rae - April 12

there are actually many causes of vaginal burning and you mentioned about wearing tight undies worsen the case, maybe you are allergic of a particular kind of cloth for undies.


casie - April 12

the burning and vaginal pain are symptomatic with some several types of diseases and infections.


cathy - April 12

you could or may have urinary tract infection or some bladder infection... worst is, if you will be diagnosed with sexually transmitted disease.


jazz - April 13

is it itchy or plainly burning sensation only? there are so many reasons why one experience burning sensation and you can only point it out the root cause if you go to the doctor for some check-up.


loyza - April 13

burning sensation i guess is always accompanied by itching since you are also sensitive with tight undies. you may need not to wear those undies with its particular type cloth.


myca - April 13

ever bacterial vaginosis? this is one of the causes you may need to know if you have.


gellO - April 13

some experience this because of yeast infection or a woman is in menopausal stage.



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