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Every pregnant woman has questions about her pregnancy, about her growing baby, about the risks of going into premature labor, about infections, diabetes, induction, bleeding--this list could go on and on. So, the best thing to do if you have all these questions is just ask our midwife on our GYNOB site.  Find out the answers to your many questions and concerns in the safety and comfort of your home or office.

To Induce Or Not To Induce Labor, That Is The Question

If you're a pregnant woman who wants to avoid the delivery of a large infant and are wondering about inducing your labor early, read our section about the induction of labor using prostaglandin. Learn whether or not if it is safe to induce labor at less than 36 weeks and find out about all the risks and benefits associated with inducing your labor.  Also learn more about the benefit of a shorter labor by inducing.  

Is This Labor?

If you're pregnant and want to learn the difference between false labor and preterm labor, read our section about preterm labor and Tocolytics . Most women who have already experienced labor and childbirth will tell you that you will know the difference between the real thing and false labor.  However, everyday thousands of pregnant women worldwide rush to the hospital unsure about whether they are in labor.  Read now and learn the many differences between the real thing and the pre-show performance.  And if you want to know about premature labor and its symptoms, read our section and learn whether or not you can tell if you might go in labor early.

The Many Questions: Pregnancy Exam

If you are interested in learning about bleeding after pregnancy and pregnancy physical exams , read our section and get all your questions answered.  Bleeding during pregnancy can be very scary for most women.  Find out what this symptom really means and about whether your should be concerned for your baby.  Also, get the answer to a slightly more personal question many pregnant women and new mothers wonder: "Sex After Childbirth--how soon after delivery can I have sex again?"  Find out the answer right here.

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