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Bra or not to Bra
25 Replies
Dedie500 - February 4

I want to know whether it is true that wearing bra could be one of the factors which can cause breast cancer? Please share your knowledge about this matter.


nataSHA - February 4

according to Syd Singer "Don't sleep in your bra!" "Women who want to avoid breast cancer should wear a bra for the shortest period of time possible -- certainly for less than 12 hours daily." let's just do this.if possible don't wear bra to avoid breast cancer.


Lalyn M. - February 5

Isn't this just a myth?


Janine76 - February 5

Maybe if you wear your bra too tightly and for a long period of time in a day, might be. Because your breast tissues might be damaged. So might as well wear your bras as loosely as possible.


Marlene - February 5

I don't believe so, does that mean not wearing a bra just not to have breast cancer. Isn't that all sick cancer is hereditary?


kelly_thomas - February 5

There's really no truth about this see lots of women out there are always wearing a bra and few only don't..but not all women who wear bra have breast cancer, right? So that mean it's just a mere opinion by someone.


Winona - February 5

Find your concerns interesting and makes me google it. And yes it is true that wearing bra can cause breast cancer but that does not mean that we will not wear bra at all. Per my research it is the compression and constriction of the breast tissue by bras that prevents the lymphatic system from cleansing the breast tissue of toxins. These toxins which some causes cancer enter into our bodies from our petrochemically polluted world, in our water, food, and air, and they course throughout our bodies and need to be flushed out of the tissue by the lymphatic system. Wearing a bra prevents this cleansing process, and causes the fluid in the tissue to back-up, resulting in lymph edema and associated pressure, pain, cysts, and, ultimately, cancer.


Winona - February 5

Also, the longer a bra is worn, the more damage is done to the breast tissue.


Norma C. - February 5

My mother used to tell me to take off my bra every time I go to sleep because it is not good to have your bra on while at sleep. She did not told me exactly what the reason really is but I just do what she said so.


Nancy Derby - February 5

A friend of mine was told by her general surgeon to wear a bra to bed. It says to help with her fibrocystic disease.


Catherine - February 5

All I know is some women who suffer from sore breasts from hormonal changes wear a good bra to bed, but not always, kinda confusing.


Apple12 - February 5

There are advantages and disadvantages of wearing a bra especially if you some breast pain and I believe that there is a right bra for a specific situation or condition. Bra serves as a support anyhow.


Samantha Jane - February 5

It is absolutely okay to wear a bra to bed if someone has a fibrocystic disease or sore breasts. For women who have breast pain caused by hormonal changes and also women that have lumps in their breasts. To be sure it is but best to see a proper bra specialist for those that deal with women who have had a breast removed. These bras are made specifically and correctly unlike those we can buy at the department store.


Victoria - February 5

I didn't hear any scientific study on this. Maybe if you wear those push up bras so tight to the extend that it leaves some red marks on your skin. That way makes wearing a bra sort of bad. So best those comfortable and somewhat loose bras for your breasts to have some air to breathe.


Delight - February 5

If you previously have breast, ovarian, or colon cancer, you are most likely to get breast cancer. But not by just wearing a bra. Sounds funny.


Porsche - February 5

Dedie500, there is nothing to worry about wearing a bra whether during the day, at night or both, it will not cause you breast cancer at all.


Mikaela - February 5

There is no scientific basis for this girl, so no worries at all. Wear your best bra all day everyday.



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