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twice the row
21 Replies
Nora - March 1

i have been so depressed recently, i have been pregnant twice and after 8 or 12 weeks i tend to lost it - miscarriage should i say. i am becoming very aloof now and my self-esteem went super low. i don't know what to do, i am so eager to have a baby...


cutiemom - March 1

it's normal to feel down when you are having multiple miscarriage and this is an emotional challenging ordeal that somehow is accompanied by the feelings of bereavement..


champaigne - March 1

this can be a devastating experience especially for those who are expecting to have a baby.


karen - March 1

it is important that you will need to investigate to predict or detect the root cause of your recurring miscarriage pregnancy, actually this is done with consecutive miscarriage you have experienced and twice is a good number to start of.


amanda - March 1

for a woman who have miscarried twice, the situation is pretty much awful for us and yet the emotional distress is inevitable.


jacqueline - March 1

there is an effective treatment i guess for it. as to one of the cause for early pregnancy loss is the increased levels of antiphospholipid antibodies.


joanne - March 1

Don't just immediately give up. Consult a doctor for you to know what really is the cause of your twice miscarriages. Ask proper treatment in case there's is really a serious problem behind it.


ziva - March 1

miscarriage is always associated with anxiety and depression for both couple and so you need to help one another to recover from that emotional imbalances.


leah - March 1

there are chances that some acute infection during pregnancy will somehow result into early pregnancy loss.


Chelsea - March 1

that's right and if you experience multiple miscarriage and you are pregnant again, it is best to get a regular checkup to monitor your baby's condition.


caroline - March 1

sometimes having previous tumor will cause recurrent miscarriage.


Jasmine1985 - March 1

by the way how old are you? because study shows that most of early pregnancy loss occurs frequently in older women.


CHAVIE - March 1

i think it is best for you to take some time to gain the energy and self-confidence to try again after 2 miscarriages. it's important that you are ready enough to give a try again.


Dianara - March 1

be sure you are not depressed, your emotions are already stable and not only yourself but of course your partner.


Patricia - March 1

they said that the recurrent of miscarriages are not that well-understood from the medical community.


rovie - March 1

yes it's true but then again there are factors that can connect into having the cause of miscarriages.


marionette - March 1

some causes for recurrent miscarriage are genetic, hormonal, antomical or blood clotting/immunological.



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