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22 Replies
bernadeth - February 27

is it ok to engage on intimate moments with your husband when you just recently gave birth?


dianne - February 27

i dont`t think it`s proper especially when you are still in healing process.


therese - February 27

sorry to say but childbirth will possibly affect your sex life and yet this means you need some time to heal yourself before engaging into any intimate moments with your husband.


glaise - February 27

wait to turn everything into normal. getting back from the hospital isn't a good idea to have an intercourse even if you are into c-section.


faye - February 27

giving birth is pretty much a traumatic process into a woman's life and having a baby that passes in her vagina seems to almost give her that exhaustion of a lifetime. the vagina is still so delicate mind you and yet it takes weeks or even months to heal the injuries like bruised, torn, strained from giving birth.


clara - February 27

i really don't think that's a good idea. pls give yourself a chance to recover from the energy you've lost.


cora - February 27

consider emotional stresses from conceiving to giving birth, you need to regain every inch of it until you feel well.


mylene - February 28

it is more important that both you as a couple acknowledge that having intimate after giving birth should really take a while so just be patient enough to wait or health might be compromise.


marian - February 28

a woman may have sexual intercourse with her partner until having her postnatal check-up.


janah - February 28

i agree on that because usually the examination itself will be done for about six weeks prior to giving of birth.


gina - February 28

but for me most importantly even after having the postnatal check-up it is also important to consider a woman's condition if she is really ready enough to have it.


katrina - February 28

it is also a must to ask your doctor or gyne about it so as to make sure because doctor's advice is more proper.


leonore - February 28

one more thing is that before engaging into intercourse, one must also examine the comfortability of the situation just to make yourself at ease when doing it.


tara - February 28

well if you are really into it and you wanted it so much, you can just have some petting and all that instead of going beyond.


Beverly - February 28

I think it is really ok. After all, if it has pain then do not push-through.. stop immediately but if there's no pain just continue.


glaiza - February 28

i don't know about being intimate right after giving birth because for some reason, even weeks after childbirth, we tend to feel the exhaustion still.


Cedrick - March 1

For me it is so permissible anyway you have promised each other to give the most of what is needed. If your urine is all ready clear then go on. Sex is a gift from God...



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