Multiple Births

More Than One?! Multiple Births

Your doctor has just told you that you are expecting twins or maybe even triples.  You are in shock.  What does this mean.  How can your little body grow and carry so many babies?  Relax, here in our multiple birth section you can learn all about multiple gestations, including the difference between fraternal and identical twins.  Get the answers to your many questions about what it means to carry and deliver more than one baby at once and find more about your special situation.

How Will They Grow? Pregnant with More Than One Baby

Having one baby is a dream come true, but two or three is that much more satisfying (and that much more work), as any parent of multiples will tell you.  Find out about how pregnancy with more than one baby differs from pregnancy with just one baby and follow our triary diary-which follows the progress of triplets.  Get the answers to your unique questions about multiple childbirth and understand the how your multiple babies are able to develop in your womb.

Week By Week Gestation

Also, you may want to check out the ultrasounds and updates about triplets on their 13th, 15th, 17th, 20th, 22nd , 23rd, 28th, 32nd , 33rd , and 34th weeks and after birth , so you can feel more informed about and prepared for your own.  Follow this amazing progression and find out what to expect as your babies grow and develop.

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