The "Triary" - 34 Weeks
Ready or not...

Here come Neil, Emilie, and Amelia.

January 25, 2000

34th Week (Third Trimester)

The Pregnancy:    34.4 Weeks (34 Weeks, 4 days)



Neil Emilie Amelia

The C-section went smoothly, all done within 25 minutes.  The epidural worked beautifully, and Mom (and Dad) were able to meet each of the triplets at birth.  Each of the babies came out in the order they've always been in:  Neal first, followed by Emilie, then Amelia.  A feared complication, atony of the uterus, in which an over-distended uterus cannot contract and thereby decrease blood loss, never happened.

Emilie and Amelia went to the NICU on room air.  Neil had an oxyhood for less than 24 hours.  They were each a bit smaller than what the ultrasound had predicted.  Neil 3+ #, Emilie 4+ #, Amelia 4+ #.

I delivered six babies on January 25.  Of course, three of them are here.  This mother had an uneventful post-operative course, going home on post-op day #3.

Congratulations to the proud parents, whose household goes from two to five.  And just in time for the 2000 census.

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