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Breast Pain
15 Replies
Yonnie - April 2

I always experience breast pain especially before or after my menstrual cycle. Is it an indication that I'm having a more serious condition like breast cancer?


margarette - April 2

Nope! Having breast pain is not an indication that a woman may have a more serious condition like breast cancer. breast pain which is also called as mastalgia,is the tenderness of the breast that can occur at any time in a woman's life.


Linda H. - April 2

I usually experienced mild breast pain when my menstrual period is coming.


Jordan V. - April 2

If that is mastalgia, it is rarely a sign of breast cancer yet it should be tracked along side with other symptoms.


Shanon - April 2

Hi Yonnie. Breast pain does not necessarily mean breast cancer. So don't worry much yet.


Susan Lim - April 2

Breast pain is a common concern for women of all ages, but not because there is pain that we jump into conclusion that that pain is a breast cancer.


Hazel - April 2

Very few complaints of breast pains are actually breast cancer but best to see your health care provider to rule that out.


Cheska - April 2

Breast cancer has few warning signs, and pain is rarely a symptom of the disease.


Aileen - April 2

The causes of breast pain are not well understood, and so the treatments are a bit unclear as well. But there are therapies used nowadays that may work for you.


Anne - April 2

Are you feeling like something out of the ordinary? If not, that is just a common breast pain, women like us normally experience during or before menstruation.


Christine - April 2

That maybe some hormonal imbalance during menstrual cycle. Take note that it is very useful to track breast pain and any other symptoms of hormonal imbalance during their menstrual cycles.


Marife - April 2

What is your age bracket? Cause breast pain is sometimes one of the first signs of pre-menopause.


Karen - April 2

Please have your doctor check on you if the pain is occurring frequently especially if you can see or feel some lumps on your breast.


Charice - April 2

The most common type of breast pain is related to our hormones during a monthly cycle. Stimulated by the estrogen and progesterone during the second half of the cycle, the breasts swell and become more lumpy and tender.


Rica - April 2

Breast pain can be made worse by some foods we eat or drink and some medications we take.


Sharon - April 2

Fatty foods, mostly animal fats, contribute to breast pain. The reason here is less clear but may have to do with the animals’ own hormones, what they have been given to eat, or the way the fat is broken down by our bodies.



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