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Early Menopause
20 Replies
monneth - March 17

Is it true that there's a some kind of early menopause? At what age it can occur to a woman? And is it true that if a woman do experience early menstruation, she also will experience early menopause? Please answer..thanks and God bless!


GABE - March 18

i don't know if this sounds early enough for a woman having menopause at the age of 42 years old. She actually had her first period when she was just 14. maybe it's true that the earlier you had your period the earlier you will experience menopausal stage too.


Sarah - March 18

Yes, it's indeed true..there is what we call early menopause. But it's because of so many reasons, not just because on early menstruation.


candy - March 19

sometimes early menopause is caused by ovarian damage due to some surgical procedures if you have previous surgical process went through. it's premature menopause.


heatherlyn - March 19

I guess, early or premature menopause just happen to few, this is something not quite alarming.


kelly thomas - March 19

My friend is just in her early 4o's when she had her menopause. But for her, it was really not a problem because she doesn't have any physical or emotional changes as what every other woman who are in their menopausal had been telling.


criselda - March 20

they say that when you have early menopause you are more prone of early signs of illnesses too. i don't know if this is true but one of my mom's friend happen to have early menopause and she is now suffering from ovarian cancer.


Lily - March 20

I think it depends upon the condition of the woman. If she has a healthy reproductive organ, she may not experience of an early menopausal. But if it is in their genes of having an early menopausal,then she may experience of this early menopausal.


Daisy - March 21

There are some women who can have an early menopause. But there's nothing to be worried whatever happen just put it into your mind that only the monthly period has gone. Think positive.


Zenie - March 22

Well, it is not an alarming signs. Early menopausal may happen to some women but may not happen to other. It is just like an unexpected guest that may visit in our house. Do not worry about this matter. It is just a simple event in our lives.


trixy - March 22

I had my menstrual period at the age of 13, does it mean I also will have my menopause at a very early age of 40 something?


Voltronwell - March 30

if it is it , then why is it until now I have my monthly period. that as a matter of fact my first menstrual period was when I was still at my early age of ten and then I am now fifty-four but still I have my monthly period.


Irene - April 4

I am bothered to the situation of early menopause and the late menopause which is which that may called as the real alarming?


Chelsea - April 5

They are all alarming but it depends upon the ability of the reproductive organ of the woman. One must be alert to submit herself to be checked-up by the physician right after you've noticed some unusual physical feelings.


Kristen - April 5

Not because you have your first menstruation at an early age that you will have your menopause earlier too. Certain factors causes a women's premature menopausal.


Louella - April 5

Premature menopausal usually happens in early 40's or even before the age of 40 and that happens because one may have undergo medical procedures due to some illness or maybe because of genetically issues.


Ophelia - April 5

Early menopause happens to a woman in an unexpected time. But it is not guarantee that if the woman had her menstruation earlier may could have an early menopause.



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