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sex after having my period
8 Replies
janice - April 13

what's the consequence when having sex with my partner right after my period? is there a bad effect?


tanya - April 13

Benefits of having sex during menstruation

* Sex may help relieve pre or post menstrual symptoms if you get an orgasm
* Endorphins released during an orgasm are natural painkillers and mood lifters, which can allay cramps, headaches, mild depression, and irritability associated with periods
* Some women also claim enjoying sex more when they are menstruating because of the feelings of fullness in the pelvic and genital areas


Britney - April 14

i don't about that but is it true that you can get pregnant when you have sex after your period?


genevive - April 14

i guess not. there's no basis actually one can be pregnant having sex after period.


marcia - April 14

the consequence maybe is when you unexpectedly get pregnant thinking that you will not because you just had your period.


thea - April 14

For me, there's nothing wrong with having sex right after menstrual period and it's really not true that you will get pregnant because you are still safe during that day.


jade - August 2

i think it's the most safest time to have sex if you're not planning to get pregnant. really nothing wrong with sex after your period. we do this all the time.


tinkerbell - September 11

having sex right after your period can make you fall pregnant because it's the time you are ovulating. good luck!!!


antonella - November 24

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