Infertility Questions

Infertility can be one of the most frustrating times for a family. It affects a lot of couples today and can be very stressful especially if you have already been through treatment and are still not pregnant.  You may have questions about why this is happening to you and about what you can do to increase your odds of becoming pregnant and overcoming your infertility issues.

Your Many Questions

Infertility is a broad and confusing topic, even for those of us who have been seeking treatment for years. Many couples want to know which tests are used to confirm that they are infertile, where to seek treatment, the costs of treatment, and the type of fertility treatment available. So, a little extra support is welcome from anyone, especially if that person is a trained professional with advise to give.

Professional Help

In this section of GYNOB, an OB-GYN answers your questions about infertility, including questions on the effects of prior surgery and obesity infertility, and more general questions on cloning and IVF.  Also, find out the history of IVF treatments and discover just how far infertility treatmetns have come over the years.

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