Natural Hot Flash Cures

Hot Flash Treatment

When a hot flash hits it usually happens so quickly there's no time to prepare. Suddenly, you are in the midst of the furnace and you can't find the door. Even though hot flashes are the hallmark of menopause, it doesn't mean we can't do something to help ourselves out. There are natural menopause treatments, such as  changing diet, learning to relax, knowing what triggers an "episode" and bio-identical hormones, all of which are useful in keeping hot flashes in check.

No Spicey Food for Hot Flashes

Often certain foods trigger a hot flash. If you love Mexican food but find that every time you have an enchilada your body has a meltdown, then maybe you should be thinking about less chili pepper. Keep a food journal for a few weeks to discover what foods trigger hot flashes, then eliminate them for a while and substitute something less "flammable" in your diet. Soy products have been suggested because they help to reduce hot flashes. Drink a lot of water, too. You lose water when you sweat and part of the parched feeling is dehydration.

Stick To Natural Fibers

Staying away from synthetic fabrics is a good idea because they don't breathe. Natural fibers are best because they wick away sweat. You may find it a good idea to dress in layers as well. That way, when the heat is on you can peel off a layer when needed. Put the lighter clothing on first and layer up from there. It will spare you the desire to run home in the buff. Also, use cotton bed linens-they breathe and they don't trap the heat the way blends do.

Relax, Stop And Smell The Roses: Anxiety and Menopause

Learn yoga, or at least deep breathing. Anxiety and excitement cause us to breathe faster and shallower, which spreads heat in our bodies. We begin to feel warm and then, bang! Hot Flash. Learning how to breathe is a real key to keeping the body under control. By focusing on your breathing, you can reduce hot flashes, and if you do have one, you can reduce its intensity. Try to keep your environment as calm and peaceful as possible.

Different scents have different effects upon us. Some scents can cause a hot flash to become even hotter while others can calm and cool your body down. Usually, chemical smells and some perfumes have the tendency to generate heat and conversely, the scent of roses, lavender, vanilla, and lemongrass, tend to calm the body. You might even try ylang-ylang, geranium, and clary sage, either as an essential oil or in potpourri. Their scents are very calming.

Bio-Identical Hormones

If you don't seem to be able to get control of the hot flashes, then your doctor will be able to prescribe a treatment that may work for you. It's definitely worthwhile to investigate bio-identical hormones as well. They are hormones that are safer than traditional HRT for menopause, and are designed to be like the hormones our bodies produce.

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