Menopause Benefits

While many women worry about menopause, and much has been written about the negative effects, there really are a number of benefits. While menopause signals the end of a certain stage in your life, it also signals the beginning of another.

Freedom From Periods

Many women who experience menopause report an unexpected feeling of freedom. Experiencing menstruation for thirty or more years does get tiring after awhile. When you begin menopause, you know that you can get ready to throw away those tampons and to say goodbye to the pads. This is liberating for many women, and allows them to enjoy every part of their month without PMS, migraines cramps, and more. In addition, menopause means that you no longer have to worry about getting pregnant. You can enjoy sex without the fear of pregnancy.  You will still want to be careful about using protection to protect you and your partner from STDs.

Creativity During Menopause

Many women feel more creative as they enter menopause. They report having flashes of deep creativity and insight. They begin to look at the world in a different way and to see their relationship to it differently. They also feel more independent and more grounded in the present. They don't have to worry, any longer, about what the end of the month will bring or about having their period during that great trip they planned with their husband. Menopause allows for more freedom and for more focus on the present moment.

New Focus on the Body After Menopause

Menopause does bring with it many changes to the body. Some women experience hot flashes; others find that their skin gets blotchy and red at times. These changes in the body allow you to focus on your body in a new way and to become more in tune with your changing self.

Using Each Day During Menopause

Menopause is a real signal for many women that they've reached a very different stage in their lives. This can often prompt people to reexamine their lives and to make important changes. It's a wake-up call, of sorts, to help women to define what is important to them and to take action in their lives. Menopause often shakes women awake and reminds them that we are here on Earth briefly - and that it's time to make the most of the time we have left!

Bonding with Other Menopausal Women

Menopause is a great excuse to bond with other women who are at the same stage. You can join menopause support groups, chat online and discuss your experiences with other women at a similar stage in life. This can create close ties and a nice sense of purpose together.

Enjoy This Menopause Stage

Menopause brings with it both positive and negative developments. It is your choice to decide what to focus upon and how to use your menopause to your benefit. Try to see this as a new experience and a time to refocus on things that are important to you and redefine yourself. This is your time - enjoy it!


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