What, Exactly, Is A Diet?

Most of us think that a diet is something you "go on" in order to lose weight or deal with a chronic illness. The fact of the matter is that a diet is simply what you eat. Diet is broken into two segments, what foods you eat and the quantity you eat. Of course, this meaning has basically been lost over the years as women, in particular, are forever in search of the perfect diet to help them get the body they desire.

The Beginning of the Diet Revolution

In the 1960's, when aerobics started to become the fitness method of choice for women in America, a diet revolution began as well. Weight loss became the foremost factor for many women as they strove to recreate their bodies into the image they saw in a magazine or movie. When we look at the many weight loss diets offered over the years, we find the list is a long one. Atkins, The Zone, Food Combining, Pritikin, Somersize and the Scarsdale Diet are but a few that were very popular.

From Soup to Protein

Diets have run the gamut from radical, like the Grapefruit Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet, and Banana Diet to more balanced offerings like Weight Watchers and the Body Type Diet. Most of the popular diets either fall into a low-fat, mostly vegetarian-based category (South Beach) or they typically promote higher protein and fat, and low carbs (Atkins). In this section we'll take a look at some of the many diets available, how they work and if they work.

Is It Genetics?

It is a fact that a certain percentage of the society is overweight, and more evidence is available pointing to the concept that genetics may play a significant part in the struggle for weight control. In cases where genetics are a factor, exercise and diet may not be enough to address the issue. For individuals dealing with genetic issues or hormonal imbalances, even a reasonable dietary lifestyle and adequate exercise may not be enough to help maintain a healthy and normal weight. We will talk more about causes of weight gain and possible ways to address them in this section.

The Labyrinth Unraveled

Join us as we investigate the various diets and their impact. We'll also discuss the 50 billion dollar diet industry, diet aids, their effectiveness and possible harmful effects. You may just find an entirely new way of eating for your own health and weight management.

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