Those Last Ten Pounds

It's Like Hitting A Wall

Even though you've made quantum lifestyle changes, you now workout regularly and you've already lost a lot of weight, there just seems to be a block with the last then pounds. All of us have read countless articles written by women who have hit the same wall. It is almost as though our bodies are saying, "Thus far and no further."

Sometimes all that is required is a small change to get the fires burning again. Usually the reason we plateau, or hit a place where the number on the scale doesn't budge, is because our bodies have adapted to the diet and exercise regimen we've been practicing for who knows how long. A word of wisdom here, before you go striding off into another amazing diet program - maybe your body has hit its set point. That simply means that your body has arrived at the perfect weight it should be.

Maybe You've Arrived

Now just because your body doesn't weigh less than you dream about does not mean you are overweight - especially if you have worked out and now have some muscle mass. Muscle weighs more than fat, so if you have good muscle tone, your weight may well be up a bit. It could be that the weight you are at is the weight you should be, a weight that is appropriate for your body at this stage. You can research online to determine your body type and the average weight for your height and frame. Maybe you've already reached your goal and you don't know it!

Time To Assess Things

If you have decided that you do, indeed, need to lose another ten pounds, it may be time to assess your diet. First of all, determine if you've been really honest with your eating. Often we fall into laziness because we're feeling good and have lost some weight. Try keeping a food diary for a week or so to see if you are really on track - it could be a real eye-opener. Another thing to be aware of is the empty calories we consume in those specialty coffees, sodas and fruit smoothies. We know they're tasty and smoothies are supposed to be good for you, but we both know they can be filled with lots of empty calories from sugar. The last thing to check out is whether you're eating less because you don't need the excess calories. Sometimes we lose weight and then we don't adjust our eating habits to suit our new bodies.

Once you have assessed and adjusted to your current status, have a big glass of cold water or an apple about fifteen minutes or so before you sit down to eat. Your tummy will be full and you will eat less. Also, apples are wonderful fiber sources and you'll be giving your body a boost of fiber, which never hurts.

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